Daily home workout (Activity)

Staying fit and healthy is a very important aspect of my mental health and well being. It releases certain kinds of chemicals that help in improving mood, reduces stress and increases productivity and knowing that during the COVID circumstances convinced me to workout everyday and take care of my health and fitness. As there was a strict lockdown in order and it was unsafe to go out, I decided to start working out in my house with a very simple full body routine. I made a habit to at least workout for 15-30 min everyday.

LO 1: Identify their own strengths and develop areas for personal growth.
Outdoor sports like basketball and badminton is something that I prefer doing on everyday bases to keep myself healthy. Floor exercises and a daily routine can be very difficult in the beginning to follow when you aren’t really interested and prefere what you really are doing. But a daily push from friends and family encouraged me to slowly get used to this routine and constructively follow it everyday. Eventually,I managed to work out a little more than I used to which improved my stamina and strength.

LO2: Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process.
I faced many challenges in the beginning of this experience, other than keeping myself motivated to work out everyday, the biggest challenge I faced was managing my time with extracurriculars and very demanding DP subjects. All the assignments and submissions take up plenty of my time which later leaves me exhausted trying to work out, resulting in flaccid and inefficient physical activity. Over time I learned to balance between the two things, I started prioritising things which needed more attention and tried to compensate for what I missed. For instance if I had a very important submission I would prioritise it more or skip working out for that day and make up for it on a day where I have less work load. Now that I have started learning to manage my time I feel more motivated and less stressed about exercising from home and along with that now I have really started taking care of my mental and physical well being.

LO 4: Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences
Staying persistent is very important when it comes to working out and staying healthy, if you fail doing it for a few days it becomes very difficult to catch up and start again. Home work out was something I was doing alone independently, it was a frequent thing that I used to find myself falling off of the routine. That is why it became very important to show commitment and perseverance to exercising everyday for me to complete this experience and achieve my goal. Commitment towards this experience also offered me a sense of accomplishment and pride as everything I did was me and independently I achieved my goals. It also kept me motivated to improve in what I am doing, I started with 15-30 minutes full body workout and slowly I started investing more time in single physical aspects like core and cardio, depending on the time I have. To sum it up, staying committed to the experience helped me stay persistent and motivated.

LO6: Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance.
Like I said before staying fit and exercising everyday is essential for mental health, the immune system and to reduce stress and anxiety. It is a very important part of our wellbeing as nowadays we are mostly in our houses studying, and staying healthy is becoming an issue of urgency especially given the pandemic, so that we can keep ourselves and others safe and boost our immune system enough to cure illnesses. I believe in this experience I practiced a SDG: good health and well being.

To sum it up,home workout routine helped me a lot to stay physically fit as well as helped me to keep my mind and body active. This experience not only helped me become fit and healthier but made me a more balanced person.

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