CAS – GYM Workout

Strand Catered : Activity

I started gymming 2 months ago, which a long term ongoing process with the goal of getting a good shape. During the lockdown, I did yoga to maintain my physical fitness, but yoga helped me become flexible, but I also needed more strength. And for that, I joined gym. My main goal was to see more definition in my muscles and improve my ability to do different excersises with better focus and higher reps.

The Focused Learning outcomes are:

LO 1: Identify their own strengths and develop areas for personal growth.

On the very first day, I was able to identify my weaknesses and strengths. I was not Able to perform excersises with the correct body form. This is because I was new to the gym, for which I took the service of personal trainer so that he can guide me. After conducting my BMI at the gym, I got to know that I needed to improve my muscles mass, my fat level was good and I had to maintain it. I needed to follow a diet in order to get what I wanted.

LO 2: Demonstrate that they have undertaken challenges, developing new skills in the process. 

One Challenge was to take out time for gym from my busy schedule. I had to take out 1 hour everyday for my gym. Adding gym to my daily activity made after-gym things very hard. Like going to the classes after a heavy gym workout was an extremely tiring task, sometimes after my legs workout, my body had pain so much that I couldn’t walk properly. But I knew, I had to go through pain in order to get results. This kept me going.

LO 3: Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience.

First thing I did was to get myself an annual membership of the nearest gym to my house. After beginning, My trainer and I planned my workouts, it had be like, Monday we would focus on my upper body which consists of Chest and arms workouts. Wednesday would be Back day, and Friday would be a legs day. And the other days in between would consist of Cardio Workouts. This is how I planned my car experience.

LO4: Show commitment and perseverance in their CAS experience.

Gymming requires a lot of commitment and preserverance in order to get desired results, it is not a one day thing. It is more of a 24 hour cycle, Gym would help me tear my muscles, and in order to repair them, I need a balanced diet and proper 8 hour sleep. It has been 2 months since I have joined gym and I have been very regular, I have hardly missed 2 or more slots. This consistency has helped me gain definition in my muscles, I have not reached my goal but I am really proud of my progress.

To conclude, gymming has been very beneficial for me, not only physically but also mentally, Workouts also help me release stress and lately Gymming has been one of my favourite activities.

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