Hindi Bhasha Diwas – Cas experience

Hindi Bhasha Diwas – Cas experience 

On the occasion of Hindi Bhasha Diwas, me and my friends planned activities for my fellow peers and teachers and we conducted them using google meet. We made a kahoot on Hindi which included the participants  to choose the right spelling or sentence. We used Hindi language throughout the session and encouraged the participants to do the same to prompt hindi on Hindi Bhasha Diwas.

Learning outcomes 3,5 

Learning outcome 3 Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience

 Me and my friends planned the activity we were going to do with the teachers and peers a few days prior to the event, So we planned on hangouts and google meet on what we would do to make the event fun and also helpful. Lastly, on the day of the event we coordinated on who would be doing what and executed the plan.

Learning outcome 5 Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively

 As the task was a group task so the work was divided and we brought different skills to the table and also we could have the added benefit of a helping hand, as in case if we forget something on the event day there would be someone to cover our back. Also the questions had diversity as it was made by 4 different people which made the activity more fun and also endly with the help of each other the event was well organized and executed.

Evidence :- 

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