(CAS)- Activity, service

The learning outcomes I focused on were LO2, LO4, LO6, & LO7

In the era of development, we humans have ignored the fact that nature is equally important for us as development is. To make infrastructures and shelters to develop our lifestyles we use a lot more area/land than we need. In Spite knowing the cause and its effects we continue to do things the way will need them. Rainforest capturing fires, melting of icebergs, deforestation, and polluted environment all these are harming our health but still we choose not to work on these issues. My friend and I decided to plant in an open garden nearby. We wanted to make a little contribution for a good cause that could make those dried land areas a little more nourished and brighter. We thought of planting plants over different spots on a piece of land and then taking care of it for a week.

LO2 Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process

It was challenging for us to plant so many plants in the daytime without anyone’s help. It was also very hard for us to find the right spot to grow those plants and take care of them for a whole week. We had to add fertilizers to make those plants in good conditions and water them twice a day during the pandemic. We also had to take permissions for planting those plants in the public area which took a lot of our time.

LO4 Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences

It took us a lot more time than it should have. We planted around 10-12 plants in a garden for about 2-3 hours by making space for the plant to set, finding the right spot for it, placing the plant in the soil, and compacting the plant to the ground. As we were not well experienced concerning this topic we thought about dropping this experience but then I had a long-term advantage that we would receive in the upcoming years. We understood the need of doing the task and took care of those plants for a week by thinking about the contribution we were making towards the upcoming years.

LO6 Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance

We know that in the race of development people just do things that can be beneficial to them in terms of goods. Ignoring the natural destruction caused by human activities is just making the current issue worse. Instead of finding a solution to the problem people are creating things that could replace those. The increase in greenhouse gasses is not only harmful to the environment and its surroundings but also to humans. Trees/plants are the main sources of oxygen and for making more land space for agricultural purposes rainforests are being destroyed. Knowing the cause and its impact we can’t do anything as an individual so we started planting more trees in free spaces which aren’t used for any purpose. This will help in increasing the level of oxygen present in the environment. 

LO7 Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions

We had to take permission from the garden guards, whether or not we could plant those plants in the garden. In the COVID situation, we also had to look for a safe spot where we could plant the plants and nourish them for a week. It was not directly affecting our work but it was hard for us to convince our parents to allow us to do the task in such an atmosphere. After doing this task we felt happiness from the insight for initiating this.

To wrap everything up, I planted plants with my friend to bring some positive changes that would contribute to long-term wellbeing. I hope we could do something on a larger scale that could help the environmental situation get better.


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