Running a Marathon CAS Activity (2)


I wanted to do something for my physical fitness because I haven’t gone out of the house in these past months due to the lockdown, and what better way to become fitter than to just run, it is known to increase stamina and agility, 2 traits I lacked even before the lockdown. So I set my goal to run a marathon. It was tiring in the beginning, however, as I ran more and more, I started to increase my time and the distance covered. The Marathon was conducted by Townscript, an NGO wanting to raise awareness and money for cancer patients struggling financially.


I already knew that I had very low stamina and speed, so I just started my first run without any app tracking my activity, and I could run for a maximum of 20 minutes until I HAD to stop and rest my heart, and the next day my feet started to pain, so I ran every Sunday with anyone else I could convince. It was really helpful to know beforehand that 20 minutes was my limit, I planned that the marathon would be scheduled for 10 weeks from then, and slowly increased my goal by 2 minutes every run I wanted to run for 30-40 minutes because that is the average time for a 5k marathon,


The thing I found the most challenging was keeping up with my set schedule, while there were some delays, and I couldn’t always run on Sundays due to school work, while this was expected, I wasn’t sure what to do to counteract this. I was honestly surprised with myself at how I was able to complete the marathon in an average time while seeming unnecessary at the time. I feel happy that I undertook this challenge because, without this, I would’ve still been at home sitting on the bed all day long, further decreasing my physical abilities. From this experience, I learned that if I distract my body, then I won’t feel the urge to stop with the activity I want to pursue, in this case, Running.


I am not an organized person, but I had a rough idea of what I had to do, I wanted to increase my stamina to run for 40 mins, while I was on 20 minutes when I started, I had micro-goals, week-long goals for doing exercises for 20 mins every day and run on Sundays, slowly increasing my time and stamina, While this was just some basic things I did in my head itself, it helped me a lot to measure my progress throughout the process. In the end, Planning a little decreased the amount of chaos that would have come with this task, one where I was most definitely going to slack off.


It was always difficult for me to be physically active and the lockdown had become an extra excuse for me to become more and more physically inactive, so it was really difficult for me to find the motivation to constantly put efforts into this CAS Activity. While doing this, I completely regretted this the entire time, but finishing this was fulfilling and satisfying, seeing all the hard work surpassing the expectations I put for myself was nice, and that is why I think that perseverance is important.


To conclude, I developed the learner profiles, Principled and Balanced, because I was strict with myself about my goals and now have a more balanced lifestyle because of it. The best moment I had through this activity was when I finished it, and messaged my record to the Charity, now waiting for the medal that is going to be couriered to me. I feel a lot more at ease about my physical health, because this constant running has also improved my posture and walking speed. Thanks to this activity, I was able to integrate running into my weekly tasks and schedules. While I am not going to participate in any other marathon anytime soon, I will surely pour more energy into increasing my physical fitness.

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