CAS Experience – BM Club

BM club is created by a small group of BM students. Being a BM HL student, I took part in their discussions. They often have important discussions about various case studies, businesses, their decisions and their ethics. Guest speakers and debates also contributed to a well-rounded experience. Participating in these discussions proved very fruitful, expanded my business thinking and made me more articulate.

Learning outcomes achieved: 2, 5 ,6 ,7

LO2: Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process

During the experience the thing which I found the most challenging was sometimes voicing out my opinions, this is because I am not a very extrovert person, and speaking among a large group of people whom I don’t know very well could trouble me. I have done a similar thing while talking in the classroom, and while speaking at school events. I was not able to completely overcome this challenge as sometimes I did hesitate to speak, but next time I will try my best to speak up even more for myself. Undergoing this challenge I feel that I can do a lot better and I should speak more during discussions. Challenges like this help you to self-reflect and improve yourself. During this experience I improved upon communication skills, as even though I didn’t feel completely free to speak up but I was improving. This skill can help me in the future as communication is required in your day to day life and improving upon these skills can be really beneficial for me.

LO5: Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively

Working with a group can sometimes be difficult for me as I don’t like if people cause chaos and distract others, but here everyone was serious and wanted to participate and discuss the business case studies and give their opinions. Having group discussions can be really helpful as you get to learn new things from your peers and get to know different opinions on various topics which can make you open-minded. Here, leadership was necessary to get the discussion back on track as in some instances the discussions got diverted to another topic.

LO6: Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance & LO7: Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions

In this club we had discussion regarding different businesses’ decisions and their outcomes. We also discussed upon small case studies which included ethics of the company. Business ethics are extremely important for a company to last long and have a good reputation amongst the public. In some of the case studies we came across how the business ethics were not followed and violated(eg. Cambridge Analytica). This type of ethical violation can affect many people on this planet, also me and this makes me insecure about trusting on social media platforms like Facebook anymore. In case of Cambridge Analytica, they obtained data of millions of people in order to influence the American elections. Knowing about this issue makes me self aware and also makes me realise the importance of business ethics, and this also makes me want to pass my knowledge to as many people as possible. Before the activity I didn’t take the topic business ethics very seriously but after having the discussion and listening to everyones opinion made me realise its importance.

To conclude, the learner profile attributes that I developed in this activity were communicator, open-mindedness, and knowledgeable. I improved my communication through communicating with different people in the club. I improved upon open-mindedness while respectively listening to everyone’s opinion. And I improved upon the learner profile thinker by processing and understanding the discussions which occurred in the club. As this club is related to one of my subjects Business management, that made the experience even more interesting. In this experience, I learned a lot from my friends and my opinions altered a lot after listening to them. From this experience I was able to learn about various things regarding business and all of this can help me in the future If I decide to start up a company.

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