Activity, Service – Baking
I made my home baked cookies , to this activity I had to do a lot of experimenting, I made around 85 cookies and donated them on Christmas day to the unprivileged living near my home , my goal was to learn and experiment with baking and my goal was also to help unprivileged kids to celebrate Christmas.
LO 2 – Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process.
At first baking sounded very easy to me all I thought I had to do was come bine a bunch of ingredients and keep it in the oven to bake but it took a lot more than that to bake cookies ,I first had toread many articles and blogs and different recipes on cookies then I had to go on YouTube and see many different type of videos about cookies and baking I even had to see a few food science video that explains the use of chemistry in baking it made me realise that not everything that we see or think is easy, it made me realise that I should not judge a task and give comments on it without actually having experience I did not used to respect local workers like the waiters chefs and bakers but after trying to bake such cookies I realise how hard of a job it is and they have to do it every single day to make a living though some of them might enjoy it it is still a pretty hard thing to do just like painting it requires a lot of patience and attention, one of my batches over cooked and this also made me realise that it is important to be attentive and listen while doing a task. And I think that I am still not aware about many things that goes on in the world and that’s what I think it is important to always take up a challenge because eventually you will learn something from it and it will just improve the quality of my life I did not really had any baking skills before but after trying this experience I gained many baking and cooking skills which will eventually help me out in future if I decide to study abroad or ever try to live independently.

LO 6 – Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance
This experience is linked with my previous experience of selling Rakhis back then in that experience I learnt that a lot of and unprivileged people do not celebrate festivals even though Christmas is not a local festival it is still celebrated by many in the world and even celebrated by People all over India I have always like Christmas because it is about being gratefuland giving, and I wanted to give something away this Christmas as well so along I even learnt that many unprivileged people don’t have the luxury of eating fancy foods and Food of their choice because of limited options so with learning a new skill like baking I decided to donate all the cookies I made to the unprivileged people leaving near my house I baked around 85 cookies and divided it amongst 35 kids this experience gave me joy and satisfaction because I was able give others a piece of happiness.

Learner profile attributes
Knowledgeable- Because before getting a perfect batch of cookies I had to do a lot of research and read food blogs about cookies , there is so much to food science of which I wasn’t aware , I watched many YouTube videos and learned how chemistry helps in making, I learned about how baking soda soaks up the water from the dough and makes the cookies airy , I learned how temperature can affect butter, dough and cookie texture.
Caring – Because I thought of donating the cookies and putting in efforts to bake 85 cookies, this was very challenging but keeping in mind that I was doing this to brighten someones day kept me going and eventually I donated them to 35 kids.


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