Making and giving away rakhis on rakshabandhan

Creativity, and Service – Making and giving away rakhis on Raksha Bandhan

Rakshabandhan was coming up and I decided to make rakhis for the unprivileged, Rakhi making is also an art, a medium I had never explored before, it requires beads, threads and charms, at first I had to sketch out what type of design I wanted and how many rakhis I wanted to make, I did not do this on a large scale as I didn’t have the sources available, I had old material lying around so I made this all from scratch, my goal was to learn how to make rakhis, and help unprivileged celebrate the festival of Raksha Bandhan.

LO-1 Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth
Yes, I identified a few of my strengths, at first I thought Rakhi making would be difficult because I had never explored working with beads, thread etc. surprisingly it was a bit easy for me I had worked with many difficult mediums before and before trying to make a proper artwork I like to experiment with the materials so I tried making a few bad Rakhis and from which I learnt what to do and what not to do and eventually I figured out an innovative idea to use a thin metal wire that is wrapped around the thread to pass in the beads because it can be quite hard to pass the beads using just fingers. With my experimentation I learnt that using a wire helps in less time consuming, I even learnt that very patient person it took me around three hours to make five rakhis this three hours I was just experimenting and learning different techniques but eventually I got the hang of it but it still took a long time to make Rakhis as it is a slow process and it requires a lot of patience and I am happy to say that I am a patient person and I realise that I like to quality work rather than quantity work. After making all the Rakhis I was very relieved and I had a sense of happiness because at the beginning I was down, Never experimented with a Rakhi making and hence my confidence was a bit down but by making such good pieces I was very satisfied with my work.

LO-4 Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences
Commitment was required for this experience because the only free time I used to get was on weekends and instead off going out with my friends I decided to stay home and work on my experience I chose work over enjoyment because I knew it was necessary to finish the task force as I mentioned in my previous reflection I had struggled with procrastination and does ignoring work and putting other things ahead of it is something that I was quite used to doing but again I started setting deadlines and I even put on a few reminders on my phone to remind me about all the task I had to do this task was one of it as I mentioned above making Rakhi is can be quite time consuming and weekends was the only time I had to make Rakhis I made around 55 lakhs in total it takes up to 15 minutes to Make one Rakhi it took me five Saturdays and a few Sundays to make around 55 to 60 Rakhis I made 10 Rakhis per day it takes up to 2 hours to make 10 Rakhis and being committed ,it was a difficult task because in my mornings I like to study and when I am free in the evenings I usually go out on weekends but when I come back I do not have the energy to work on anything so rather than going out or doing something else and avoiding the work I stayed committed to my work and completed my task on time. The commitment was required because I had no time in the weekdays and lastly as I mentioned before I struggled with procrastination and leaving of things but being committed to this little task made me realise the importance of commitment and I have it can improve the Quality of my life because of the procrastination I usually used to stress a lot and At a point, because of it I used to get really bad stomach cramps which associated with my health so it made me realise that being committed to a task and completing it on time can reduce my stress levels and can it also gave me a sense of achievement.

LO 6 -Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance
At first I was going to sell the Rakhis But then I came to know that a lot of unprivileged people don’t celebrate Rakshabandhan because they cannot afford to buy Rakhis, Rakhi cost around Rs.50 and usually, this is quite unaffordable for unprivileged people so instead of selling the rakhis, I decided to help out the others in the community and donate the Rakhis to them as I only made around 60 Rakhis I gave it only to the unprivileged people living near my house I think it is unethical for people to celebrate any festival without considering the unprivileged and their happiness I think that happiness is mandatory in life at the end of the day they are just humans like us so it gave me joy that I could help them Celebrate Raksha Bandhan with just a little effort from my end and after doing this cas activity I had decided to giveaway Rakhis every year on rakshabandhan.

Learner profile attributes
Caring – Because I was moved my the fact that not everyone celebrates Raksha Bandhan I think every single person on earth should have the privilege to celebrate and have cheerful celebrations on festivals , Experience as I mentioned above I decided to help out the unprivileged on every single festival that comes along ,I know I haven’t made reached out to many unprivileged people but doing it a bit by bit is all it takes and I am happy that I was able to change and learn about the truths of the society, sometimes to me it feels like such a materialistic world , where happiness dont even matter , but in this experience I have tried my best to help out others and will continue to do so.


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