Digital Art

Creativity- Digital Art
I had never explored digital art , I had always wanted to try it out because I have always been passionate about art , I had resources like iPad and Apple pen, I used an app called Procreate to experiment and make my artworks , I decided to star with logo making and than I moved on to a self portrait, my goal was to make a proper self portrait with a good colour palette.

LO 2 – Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process
I thought it would be pretty easy to make digital artworks , but it was quite difficult at first , Procreate has many features and I had to start by learning all the new features on YouTube and Google , even drawing a straight line was hard , but after a little practice I got the hang of it because I already have good art skills, I feel confident after taking up this experience because I have always compared myself with others and mostly it has brought out good qualities in me, and I see a lot of people my age making advanced level digital artworks which motivated me to do this experience, I discovered that I am a very good adapter, I was new to digital art still I managed a make a pretty good self-portrait and learned almost all the features in the Procreate app.

LO 4 – Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences
This activity required a lot of commitment but to other things , see I love making artworks and painting that’s why it’s hard for me to stop and focus on something else , I can straight up sit for 5 hours and paint , but doing this takes up a lot of my time and it makes it hard for me to manage time for my other work , so I had to stay committed to just draw for one hour per day , at first was quite difficult for me to stop , so I let myself draw for 10 minutes more, day by day my portrait started growing and I required less time to make it and hence I was able to stay committed to one drawing hour per day, and as I have mentioned before it’s hard for me to stay committed because I used to struggle with procrastination, but keeping in account my mental health and to reduce my stress levels, I stayed committed to my task.

Learner profile attributes
– I learned many new tricks and skills by my exploration, I did not use YouTube for this, I explored these skills with experimenting with digital art , I learned to easily photoshop a picture and make it look completely different, I also learned other techniques by my exploration.
Inquirer – I had never explored digital art , so to learn about new Procreate features I had to use YouTube and Google to inquire about what different types of tools are there and how can they be combined to make a good artwork.

Reflective – Because I reflected back on what mistakes I made and , by the help of my exploration I was able to replace them by using the correct tool , I made many bad artworks at first but with every art work I learned a new skill and this gradually decreased my mistakes.



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