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Art Journaling is a visual diary, it’s record keeping combined with creativity, It’s a place to record your thoughts, memories, and emotions through images, art and words. … Art Journal=A personal journal (or book) filled with any combination of art, imagery and words, here my goal was to explore my collage making skills and also it challenged me to open up about myself and my thoughts and express it in a form of poem , quotes and thoughts, journaling focuses on increasing creativity, and with thought expression it helps with maturity and creates a open minded mindset that is open to all forms of art and thought expression.

LO 1 Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth
I identified my strengths of collage making, I thought I would be bad at it but surprisingly I made a pretty good collage on the first try, this made me feel that I should go easy on myself, and appreciate my talents, I have always compared myself to others, again this has helped me improve but it has also made me forgot that I have talents of my own that I should appreciate more and explore more, this gave me a sense of satisfaction.

LO 2 – Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process
Journalling was challenging it was because I did not know what to do I did not understand the proper definition of journalling so I looked it up and it was about opening up our thoughts and writing it down in a visual form using imagery so I. looked up journalling on Pinterest and found a bunch of beautiful pages which I used as references to make two to three copied artworks later on I decided to use paper cutouts from magazines to make a collages and express my views on it about my thoughts and emotions , journalling made it quite easy for me to put down my thoughts in the form of artworks help me appreciate poems and poetry and the beauty of it, I always distance myself from poems because it gives me an intense dense feelings that are way too heavy for me to carry poetry always struck me with strong emotions that are hard for me to balance but this activity helped me adjust my feelings and thoughts I overcame the challenge of dealing with heavy emotions I feel proud of myself I opened to poetry and finally started appreciating its beauty

LO 4 Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences.
Journalling over the span of five months and it is easy to lose track and such a long-term goal but I decided that I was going to journal four times a week any time I get any time I feel relaxed because and cannot be rushed and art cannot be made properly under pressure but still to complete any task there needs to be a commitment and I am happy to say that I was committed to journalling at least four times a week sometimes I even journal every single day and I have almost completed Making a whole journal and I am proud of myself that I was committed to it and I showed my full dedication to it ,it took a lot of patience for me to make journal pages it took around two hours to make proper journal pages , but I am happy to say that over the span of five months I was able to achieve my goal I have mentioned before in my previous reflections that I struggled with procrastinating but it did not trouble me in this experience because as I have also mentioned before I have always been artistic and passionate about art so I kind of enjoyed this activity and replaced using my phone with journalling and it helped me be more present and also made me realise the importance of being present and not focusing on the future or the past problems just being present and doing the task and focusing on it completely this mindset has help me in doing a lot of tasks successfully.

Learner profile attributes
Open minded– Because I used to avoid poetry and heavy emotions which are involved in poetry and I open myself up to it and it gradually helped me to write my emotions down on an open book and not let other negative thoughts scare me.

Evidence –

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