CAS Reflection

Experience – Exercise

In this experience I went to the GYM and exercised for three months. In the three months that I  had decided to do my CAS experience I had done some sort of exercise like Workout or sports for 6 days of the week in those three months.

LO 1 – Identity own strengths and areas growth

The areas of growth that I had to focus on were definitely more on the things about working out because it was the first time ever that i was working out in a GYM. When I started this experience I also started a diet with this experience so by this way by the end of the experience I would only be more fit but also started to eat more healthier that I used to before the experience.

LO 2 – Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process

One of the challenges that I had overcome was to make sure that I continue to keep gym or play sports for 6 times a week with school work and also with all the different Covid restrictions that were made and the lockdown.

LO 4 – Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences

 For this CAS Experience I showed commitment to perseverance by making sure that I actually did what I had to and do the most  in the span of three months. Once because of a reason I could go to the gym or play sports for a whole week so in order to make sure that I did not waste my progress I started to workout without any equipment which was different to what I usually did.

Good Health And Well Being –  

This Experience is somewhat connected to Good health and well being because when i am trying to improve my health by becoming more fit because I was not fit due to the lockdown and staying home all the time.

Photo Evidence – 

Video Evidence –

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