CAS Experience- Art Club

One of my friends initiated this amazing idea at the beginning of the school year to start an Art club with all our art peers with whom we have been working together for a very long time. It seemed like a very exciting opportunity to work together with like-minded artists in a club during this pandemic which was mentally tough on all of us. The Art club felt like an escape from the reality of the lockdown due to pandemic, to the feeling of being in school physically just like before. The Art Club is a place where the members discuss art styles, art history/eras, and a variety of art forms. Moreover, there are pre-planned sessions where the participant shares a chosen artform of theirs and helps others learn the artform. The art club helps each artist grow by learning, teaching, and improving their skills. A safe place for artists where mistakes are expected, respected, inspected, and corrected.

Learning Outcomes- 2,4,5
I can’t remember a time of my life where I haven’t been associated with art. It has been quite a journey, something that has allowed me to feel free and grow as a person. Without hesitation, I enrolled for the very first art club my school has ever created. A wonderful platform where my peers and I help each other by teaching and learning new forms of art. Every session was conducted by the members of the club, with new themes each time.

Every class was filled with wild explorations and fun. We learned new art forms such as “tie-dye” and black-out poetry” from our talented peers. Moreover, we had some eye-opening discussions on artistic themes like “brown culture and the nature of an eye.” These sessions were fun until something didn’t suit your style. There were times when I struggled with a new art form, however, I added my part of creativity. I have never been good with creating poetries although abstract art is one of my strongest forms. I made my piece look beautiful even though the poetry wasn’t the best.


Being a member was just as much as being a teacher and a student. Every session was pre-planned with volunteers willing to teach something and so the club had its set of rules such as attendance, participation, conducting the session, and many more. As an art person, it was never difficult to remain consistent, I was always excited before a session to learn, have fun, make a mess and most importantly explore.


For me, working collaboratively is always fun. In this club, I already knew most of the members although it allowed me to make better relations. For almost all sessions everyone worked individually while working on a single theme, there was healthy competition and a positive atmosphere where the main motive was to appreciate each other and provide constructive criticism.

Being a part of this amazing art club has been one of the best experiences for the last 2 years of school. It gave me an opportunity to become a communicator while discussing interesting topics during sessions, it also allowed me to become more open-minded for the many artform and theories that are yet to be explored by me, it gave me a new lens through which to look at the art around me. Lastly, it helped me improve my perspectives as well as artistic skills.


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