WFBL examination (Creativity)

BM has always been my subject of interest and I have always wanted to learn more and dig deeper into the subject, which is why I chose to appear for this examination. The content for this exam was covered slightly in school but an in depth study material was provided to us to prepare for this test. We were given a choice between 4 subsets of BM out of which I chose marketing. This was a 100 mark MCQ exam and the goal was to score above 75 as this chapter was relatively new and the portion wasn’t covered entirely in school. 

LO 2: Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process:

This test was very challenging, the fact that we had to learn subject matter on our own was itself challenging and we had to study a very broad segment of business management thoroughly and remember it all in a span of a few weeks. This was challenging because there were a lot of new concepts which I had never heard of and found a bit complicated, moreover as I had limited time, I could not make time to revise all the concepts properly to remember all of it before the test. I have appeared for a lot of subject specific examinations prior to this test, which is why I was confident but this test was different as I had to focus on only one topic and study about it in depth. I overcame this by highlighting my doubts and looked for answers immediately, as one chapter was linked to the other which meant that if the previous chapter was not clear, then I would have trouble understanding further. Moreover, I used to practice the sample questions and would crosscheck the answers and to make sure I am on the right track. I wasn’t able to manage my time properly, so next time I will try and manage my syllabus more effectively and finish it as soon as possible so that I have time to revise all the chapters again.  I feel zealous and committed to have taken this challenge, this was a great opportunity to analyse my self management skills and my ability to learn new concepts on my own based on my prior knowledge. It is always important to take challenges because it makes us discover new things about ourselves, it may lead us to new concepts that excite us. There weren’t a lot of new skills I discovered in the process but I polished my research and self-management skills if not mastered them. These skills can be very useful in the future with projects or examinations like this. I feel that by polishing these skills, I feel a lot more confident about future examinations and tasks that include deadlines or research. It is very important to learn new skills for personal growth and we might need to use them in unexpected situations in the future.

LO 4: Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences:

The thing that made this activity difficult was the curriculum and the portion I had to revise for this test. It was lengthy and complicated and I had to understand it all by myself. This required commitment and perseverance as it was not an easy task at all. I needed to use my prior knowledge and make connections with the new fundamental concepts and theories presented in the study material for the test. It was very difficult in the beginning as I was just introduced to the concepts, but as I read more and more, I was able to connect the dots and felt relieved and confident after that. The commitment to keep finding answers to all my doubts was required in this test, as long as I was determined to find answers, I understood everything clearly and was able to move ahead without any second thoughts and unanswered questions. It is easy for me to commit to things which I enjoy doing, BM is a subject that I enjoy and find interesting which is why it was comparatively easier for me to commit to this exam. Perseverance and commitment are extremely important in any activity that we do. It helps us understand the purpose of doing it as well as help us achieve our goals quicker and easier. 

Final takeaway: 

This exam was extremely challenging yet fun to take, It was a huge learning experience and helped me brush up my self management skills. The learner profiles that I developed during the course of this experience was Knowledgeable. By studying more and more for the test, I was gaining subject specific knowledge and developed a broad understanding regarding marketing and BM. This CAS experience was linked to Business Management, as the syllabus of the test was parallel to the subject matter in BM. The highlight of this experience was when I was able to achieve my goal which was above 75, I scored 79 marks which is pretty good, given the prior knowledge and complexity of the questions. I can say that this experience was a success, as I was able to test myself in challenging situations, and I passed the test with merit. I felt confident and gained self trust, I understood that I have the ability to independently study difficult concepts and still understand them properly. A major learning outcome from this experience was to always have time to revise before such tests, so that I can remove the last minute pressure of finishing the portion and can revise the difficult parts again. The next time I do anything like this, I will make sure to follow a timeline thoroughly which would include time for revision. All in all it was a wonderful experience.


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