CAS Experience : Math Club

About the experience:
Mathematics is my forte in academics and I score very well in this subject. I aim to share my learning as a service to MYP students so that they do not face difficulties in maths. Also I found that there were sometimes insufficient practice materials and sums which resulted into less practice, and math is all about practice, hence I also aim to provide them with sufficient practice material. Vedic math tricks are something which is very useful for calculations and arithmetic. Learning this will benefit me and my partner, and once we learn, we aim to teach it to the students who enroll themselves in our club. As a part of Math Club, I also took online session during the vacations so that the students are prepared and are more confident for their new academic year. Another aim was to make their vacations productive as it was a lockdown in India, and students were wasting their time at home, we decided to make them utilise their time .Doing these things will not only improve our creativity, also it will be using our knowledge as a mode of service.

Learning Outcomes:

LO2 : Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process
The thing which I found challenging was to handle the members of the Math club in an session. The members were MYP students majority from grade 7 and 8, thus handling them was quite a task. It was tough catering to each and everyone’s doubt and sometimes it became a bit chaotic. I had not done anything similar before such as teaching or conducting sessions, hence it was all new to me. After conducting the sessions, I used to feel quite overwhelmed at the same time exhausted. This challenge was something i enjoyed and even learned a few things from the same such as vedic math. Taking up new challenges is the way of life, without which the essence of life is lost, hence taking new challenges is very vital. I discovered the skill of teaching, which i had not developed yet. Having this skill makes me feel superior as when I think about how I managed to teach around 30 students and cater to their doubts, it makes me feel good. I could use this skill in the future if I chose to teach as my career option, also I could use it to help other people who may be struggling. Vedic math is something which will surely benefit me in my examinations and daily life calculations.

LO3: Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience
Before starting with the club, I had to organize a lot of things such as plan the sessions, send the invites, be ready for the session (as in learning the vedic math theorems) and manage the technicalities such as online white board. I had also held practice session with my partner so that we dont face any problems while conducting the session. I am not usually such an organized person, which is why I found it a bit challenging while planning all the stuff and organising it. I developed the skill to be organiszed and prepared while doing this experience. These skills are one of the most important life skills, and will help me with many things. In the near future, it has helped me to format my revision schedules for term exams, it has helped me to organize information while researching about colleges. In future, it will help me be prepared for my job. To conclude, it is very important to know how to initiate activities as it is the most important part to begin something new, once we have initiated the activity, everythings falls into place and we just need to go with the flow.

LO4: Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences
Showing commitment and perseverance was vital in every stage of this experience, be it planning, learning, or executing. I had to be patient when things were not working out, for example, when I was learning vedic math thoerms, I was not getting one of the theorm, which I then practiced a lot and finally got the hang of it. I also had to find a easy method to explain it to the club members. This required a lot of commitment. It is not easy to be commited but once we are commited then the sense of being succesful, or even trying to be succesful is worth all the commitment.

LO5: Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively
I am quite a friendly person, hence working with others is not a hard task for me, I understand the induvidual and give them the space they need, also I can controll my anger and not let it out on my partner. Altough, there were a few instances wherin I was very much angry at my partner because I was explaining him a thing and he was not understanding it, but still I handled it well by keeping my cool. It is very important to be able to work collaboratively as in future also, one will have to work with number of people and if we dont have that skill, then we might be left out of many things. For this Math Club to be succesful, it was very important that me and my partner work collaboratively, for instance, while conducting sessions, I used to solve a sum on board, and my partner would explain it to the students. Apart from conducting the session, we divided tasks such as learning the theorms of vedic math, creating a presentation, solving doubts, etc. This allowed out math club to be fruitful and informative.

LO6 :Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance
This CAS experience can be connected with the education goal of the UN Sustainable development goals. Education is a vital part of an individual’s life and with this project of ours, we aim to provide young minds the opportunity to find fun in what they learn. Knowing about this global issue, it helps me to be motivated in changing this world and make it a better place to live in. I believe that this CAS activity of mine has helped contribute to the global issue, this project has surely made young students fall in a deeper love with math and what i think is that when we love something, then only will we do it willingly. What this project has done is that it has created or have increased the love for math and this will promote the students to thrive for education.

LO7: Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions
There were some ethical choices and actions that I had to keep in mind while doing this experience. As I was teaching the students, I had to take practice problems from online sources or textbooks, and I made sure to cite them. This was ethically right and also the members of the club will learn to cite every secondary source they use. Furthermore, it was very important for me to learn or brush up a few concepts before teaching it to the members, because it would not have been ethically moral to teach the members false things. To take this ethical point in mind, I prepared the content prior to the sessions and used to cross check each and every bit of information I put on the slides.

Evidences :

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