Arts Club

Arts is something I am very fond of, and really passionate about ever since I was small. It allows me speak my feeling not only to others however to myself and additionally allows me to cope with some of my worst days.
One of my buddy who became additionally inquisitive about arts decided to conduct an Arts club, in which each of the scholars could proportion their thoughts and their ideas with others, and create unique works of art together.
Art is some thing very interesting, it can be different for all of us, everyone has a unique manner of describing it, that’s what the club is about, to share those unique artwork used and defined by different people.
This concept became very new to me as I had by no means been a part of a club, however it became interesting, and desired to experience the sharing of thoughts and ideas.

L2. Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills
The challenges that I faced could be of attempting new artwork forms, each of us takes a session and educate the art forms or the sort of artwork they do, and it became hard attempting them. Not only this but additionally that sharing of thoughts and ideas of works of art became also hard because it became not easy for me to speak my ideas and my thoughts as I was not able to describe them.
As I informed that this became an entire new experience for me, taking part in a club became itself a challenge for me.

LO5: Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working together
This became a club in which there have been approximately nine people working as a group to discover artwork and its art form.
Working in a group became pretty useful for me because it gave me the capabilities to share my thoughts and speak it with others as well, gave me the confidence to conduct classes and allowed me to locate my strengths and my weak point as an art form may be a persons power and others weak point. When we conducted sessions it gave us the chance to explore unique forms and themes of art. And as we have been a group it gave us lots of perspectives on unique works of art and issues.

L6. Engagement with issues of global significance
We have been developing works of art to describe few of the major global problems in our sessions ,like we had worked on a few theme of various cultures, and additionally a few on racism. Which helped us gain knowledge on the issues and helped us engaged into issues and share them using art.

To finish I think this experience was new and successful for me as at first I was not a biggest fan of clubs but this changed the was I though school clubs were, it was very engaging and new for all of us., got to know a variety of art, It was fun being able to share my thoughts and mind to those who are fond of arts as much as I am and are inquisitive about it, which gave all people a chance to trade thoughts and techniques.

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