Organizing a Design Club

In this experience few of the design students including me, decided to conduct a design club, for our juniors(8,9,10). We are a group of 5 students.
Our goal for the design club was to teach our juniors some of the basic concepts of design, that included drawing, tinker cad and a few more topics, in a more creative and a fun way, because when we studied these concept it was a bulky information that wasn’t getting into our head, ti was hard to remember, so this cas experience gave us an opportunity to teach the same concept in a more fun and creative way to others.

Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth
Due to the pandemic going around, the club was conducted online, they are not the best way to learn but the only way to learn at the moment. While conducting the sessions there were times that we were able to identify our strengths and our weaknesses, One of our greatest strengths was that we knew the situation the students were facing, which was studying online, because we were doing it our-self as well, which made it easier for us to understand their needs, which was to have more actualities rather than giving them just lectures and not keeping out session very long, we knew it was hard. But along the way we even recognized our weaknesses which were not being able to manage things and our presentation was not on point, we did not discuss the timings prior with the students which made our schedules clash. And the timings for the sessions could have been more regular.

L2. Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills
Our biggest challenge during this project was to be able to organise it, due to all of our schedules being different, they were clashing it was hard for us to conduct sessions, some of them had their exams and were not able to join, so we had to reschedule and it continued to happen but we arranged it and tried to organize our classes prior, asking for their free time. Another challenge that we faced was the most common challenge that everybody is facing right now which is due to the lock-down our sessions were conducted online. Online classes are not the most fun, there was no interaction between the students, they were not keeping their cameras on and were not speaking which made it plain and less interesting, but using activities we were able to make it kind of fun, but it was hard for us to keep that going. During this all, The most important thing that I learned was to manage things, organizing them prior so that there are fewer challenges faced.

L3. Initiate and plan a CAS experience
When planing a project we need to brainstorm our ideas and discuss it with our teammates, so that using different ideas and perspectives we can make our club even more interesting. When we first started, we discussed what we wanted them to study and learn, what were the main things that we wanted to include and then thought about how to make it interactive.
Our main goal was to make it short, interesting, and fun.
Create a goal, manage and organize are the three main things that we had to keep n mind, organizing the sessions and the presentation, managing the timings and the schedules of each of us and lastly the goal to keep the concept clear and constant.

L4. Show perseverance and commitment in CAS experience
Throughout the project to keep it going and successful, we needed to make a commitment. Having to commit to our goal, our sessions and lastly our presence, the presence in every session and every team meeting.

L5. Demonstrate skills and benefits of working collaboratively
A club has to be conducted as a group to make it successful, without my other team member I would not have been able to manage anything. Working in a team has a lot of benefits, they have your back when you are absent, help you in managing things, helps reduce the load as the work is divided into the teams, giving each one of them the work they are good at, so that things don’t mess up. Skills that we have developed as a group is being able to manage things a bit more properly, which was the area where we were lacking.


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