Project 7 : Feeding Stray animals LO2,LO5,LO6

LO2 Have you done anything similar before? 

No, This was the first time that I personally fed food to stray and hungry animales. The experience allowed .

How did you overcome this challenge?

Stray dogs in India are unvaccinated and untrained have a good chance of transmitting rabies if bitten. This prompted the group members to maintain a safe distance from the animales.

Through this activity me and my group developed human to animal posture communication skills for example we learned that by lowering our torsos and our overall height the dogs would feel less intimated .

Furthermore, as this was a group activity the challenges were eased as different members of the group had experiences with different animals. The logistics of the operation and the overall function of the service were eased as we did it in a group. The group format of the service also reduced safety challenges as there would be more help present inform of a safety issue such as a dog attack.

LO5: Is working with others generally easy or difficult for you? Why? 

Working with others for me is never an issue. The group members for the service were close friends reducing the chance of friction within the group.

Why is it important to be able to work collaboratively with others?

As the goal is to take care of stray animals to as much of an extent as possible the functioning of the group could directly impact our results. Thus to maximize service and productivity it would be important in all tasks to work efficiently in a group.

LO6:Why are they important globally? How? Where? How did you know? 

Constant increase in urbanization in developed and developing countries results in displacement of wildlife and disturbs the ecosystem. The problem of urbanization and human activities can cause harm to a wide range of species. Some of the species we fed were cows, dogs, pigeons and peacocks. Global population increase and rapid urbanization contribute to the problem me and my group tried to solve above.

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