Working Out

The lockdown because of Covid-19 restricted going out of the house. This meant no sports made my fitness level very low, and I had no motivation to work out. However, because of CAS experiences, I gave myself a reason to work out as fitness is essential for a person as it decreases the risks of diseases.

I identified my strengths and weakness in some weeks. I found out that I will finish it and won’t leave it in between if I started working out. However, my weakness was starting the workout as I had no motivation to work out. I skipped several days because of a lack of motivation as no results were showing. But then I unexpectedly started working out again, and then I continued working for a few months for five days a week.

The most challenging thing was to start working out as I had no motivation to work out. I overcame this challenge by making it an excuse for the 100-kilometer cycling event. I had to exercise for the event. Hence I started doing the workout for that purpose as I love cycling. I felt good that about undertaking this challenge as I at least worked on my fitness a little.

I organized myself by making a routine. My main focus was my leg muscles as I had to cycle for 100 kilometers, and almost all of my exercises were leg-based. Hence, I scheduled various exercises during certain times in a week from the start of November till February, which finally helped me complete the cycling event. Usually, I am not an organized person, but a certain level of self-management was necessary for this activity, so I had to become one. As mentioned before, initiation was a problem for me, so in some ways, doing this activity helped me to stay motivated. There were no skills required in initiating or planning, only commitment. Because of this activity, planning or initiating something will be much easier, especially in the fitness aspect.

Perseverance and commitment were necessary at every moment of the activity as there were no restrictions; I could give up any time I wanted. However, I feel relieved that I didn’t give up and stayed committed to the activity. A commitment was needed to push me further to work out, even if I had no motivation. It isn’t easy for me to commit to things, especially physical activities, as I do not enjoy them. Showing persistence and commitment is important, or else a person would never complete a task or a role, etc.

The highlight of this activity was that even though my right leg had much more muscle mass than my left leg, it had less improvements than it.

The Learner Profile Attributes I displayed during this CAS experience were Principled and Balanced, as I maintained a workout routine and had some physical activities while also focusing on academics.


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