Hindi Immersion Event

In classes 11 and 12 we celebrated Hindi language day. I was one of those students who were involved in planning some interesting and fun activities for the students of 11th and 12th grade. The activities were supposed to be related to the Hindi language. There were many students who were a part of the planning team and all of us were split into groups where we were supposed to plan one activity per group. We included activities like Kahoot, Charades, Pictionary, made some Hindi related Idioms and some Riddles. We had a lot of meetings and discussions with our Hindi teachers for the planning of the activities and to make this event interesting for students so that they enjoy learning the Hindi language in a more fun way. 

LO1: As we were supposed to work in groups, it was very important for us to divide all the work that we had so that we can finish everything efficiently and to do that identifying individual strengths and weaknesses was very important so that we can divide work accordingly. I was good at giving creative and fun activities to the group and communicating with my peers. My weakness was that I am not as good when it comes to working collaboratively with the whole group. There were some minor disputes in the group but eventually, we overcame them. 

LO2: The challenging part of the whole experience was that it was difficult for us to come up with multiple interesting activities which students and teachers both can enjoy and also at the same time learn something from that. But we eventually overcome this challenge also as there were many different groups and a lot of students were in the planning team so we had a lot of creative brains working on the same thing at the same time and hence we were able to come up with multiple activities that are fun and also teaches you something about the Hindi language. I enjoyed taking up such challenges because it forces our brain to think more and work more which basically increases my knowledge and understanding of different things, so I felt good after taking up this challenge. 

LO3: There were different groups and to organize everything our teachers had planned a type of demo in which we were supposed to conduct the event as we were going to do it on the final day, so this helped us a lot to know the flow of the event and also to identify our mistakes during the event which can help us improve for the final event. Personally, I keep every presentation slide and different texts and links in a particular place where I can find everything at the same time so that I don’t have to look up different places to find everything. I think that the planning was more difficult than actually initiating it, as planning required a lot of time and meetings with our teachers to make the flow of the event as smooth as possible and to eliminate all the mistakes. In the end, I think initiating and planning events in the future will be easier for me because I think I have learned a lot of things and it was a great experience. 

LO4: As we had to plan the event and organise it properly so that at the final presentation day everything goes smoothly we had to arrange meets where we were supposed to practise the flow of the event in a proper way and collaborating with the group every time made this activity very difficult and that is where all of us showed their commitment towards the activity. We had to manage our time effectively so that our daily routines and academics are not hampered. All of us were committed towards the successful completion of the activity. Perseverance was necessary as we were facing difficulties when preparing for the event. As the event was online a lot of difficulties were coming our way where sometimes the flow is disturbed due to connectivity issues or some person would not have completed his/her task on time which delayed the whole process. Despite the challenges we kept on going. For me showing commitment was not that easy here as a lot of other things were there for me to complete such as academics and other assignments but still I managed to show commitment and complete the event successfully. Showing commitment and perseverance to everything is important as that will help us reach our goals faster with more discipline. 

LO5:Generally it is easy for me to work with others as I enjoy working as a team and it improves my knowledge. In this particular group in which I was there, I was facing some difficulties communicating with them and working with them collaboratively. Sometimes I felt that they were not as committed as other students were and that made it difficult. But I had to manage with them only so I was very patient with them at all times and I was regularly taking updates from everyone to remind them of their work. It is important to be able to work collaboratively as in the future we will surely have to work with others such as other employees in a firm, and it is important that a person knows how to work collaboratively so that there are no issues. Working collaboratively improves efficiency. 

In this activity, I developed open-mindedness in the learner profile as during the event we were supposed to listen to other student’s ideas and opinions and consider them which requires an open mind. Secondly, I also developed communication skills, during the event to communicate my ideas with my peers required good communication skills so that they can understand me. Also on the final event day, I had to communicate with students and teachers who were attending the event. 

This activity benefited others as all the games that we had decided were fun but at the same time, they also gave us more knowledge about the language Hindi so those who played the games were learning new things and increasing their knowledge. Considering all the feedback and by self-evaluating the flow and the smoothness of the event, I think that we achieved success as we received a lot of positive feedback from

A lot of people and our teachers also appreciated us for conducting the event in a very organised manner without any disputes or problems. 



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