CAS Experience 8: Drawing

My activity was to improve my drawing skills. I already knew the basics because I took it as my AS in my MYP years in the form of visual arts. I knew how to sketch and draw but it was not the best sketch ever, so before I move on to advanced drawing and painting, I wanted to cover the essentials like sketching and using the sketch pen.

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcome 1: Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth

Drawing is a very useful skill in today’s world, because a picture is worth a thousand words. We store our memories and emotions in drawings and this might also generate a new hobby for me which I could do part-time in the future. As I mentioned before, I had previously undertaken drawing but my drawing was very rustic and I was still an amatuer.

Learning Outcome 2: Demonstrate challenges have undertaken, developing new skills in the process

Drawing is a very delicate form of art. To get the best drawing, I believe that it should come from the soul. If a drawing is induced, it looks artificial and not very appealing. I learnt new skills because of my revoked interest in drawing, I learnt how to use lines to bring my favourite cartoons to life.

Learning Outcome 4: Show commitment and perseverance towards CAS

As I mentioned above, I had to use a pencil multiple times and erase the errors I made in order to rectify them. Also, I had to do research about what type of pencil to use, how much pressure to apply, etc.

To conclude, it was a really fun and rejuvenating experience. It has really inspired me to try drawing as a hobby and I hope to continue developing my skills and interest in drawing.

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