Model MUN for Grade 8

As a fan of MUNs and a student of Global Politics HL, I took part in organizing a Model United Nations session for students of Grade 8. This was after Humanities teachers of Grade 8 approached few students (including me) to teach students about debates, and the workings of an MUN. After few meetings, we had a team ready with two people who have had experience in organizing MUNs, and three people with good debate skills and interest in politics. I volunteered to make a poster for the event, and decided on a title too:

After this, we conducted the session, and formed our own rubric, which was as follows:

Respect for the other team
Use of facts/statistics
Understanding of the topic
Presentation style
Rubric out of 5

Components of CAS catered:

Creativity: Planning the session involved a lot of creative-thinking skills, in order to make sure that students were enthusiastic and did participate. Additionally, I designed the poster and came up with the title of the session.

Service: The purpose of this session was to make sure that students understood about the basic conventions of debate and weren’t misguided by their pre-conceived notions.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. I could identify my strength in design and knowledge in politics, but have to work more on self-management.
  2. Challenges included getting every student to participate, dealing with numerous doubts, keeping up with our own schedules etc.
  3. We planned this CAS experience by organizing a workshop first, and the session next, in order to make sure that students understood what they were supposed to do. The evidence of same can be found below.
  4. We showed commitment by adhering to the deadlines. The sheet of the deadlines can be found below.
  5. The different benefits that collaboration offered were huge. Two of us handled MUN rules and regulations, while two of us used political knowledge to provide context.
  6. We taught the students about matters of global significance, and how they are formally dealt with in organizations like the UN.

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