CAS Experience – Learning Spanish


Spanish is the most spoken language in the US apart from English, since it becomes easier to communicate with people if we know multiple languages, I planned on learning Spanish. We have many tools through which we can learn a new language, I have used Duolingo to learn Spanish, through this application I have learned words, sentence formation, and listening to Spanish.

Learning Outcomes

L1 – I was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses, in the initial stage I was able to easily identify words and phrases with no difficulty but as the complexity increased, forming sentences and listening became harder, even though the difficulty increased I eventually got better and was able to get correct answers.

L2 – Challenges have been undertaken, learning a language is not an easy task, and many difficulties have been faced by me throughout the learning, like listening to complex sentences and forming big sentences, even translating English words to Spanish, these challenges have made me learn Spanish fast, yet I still have a lot to learn.

L4 – I have shown commitment throughout my experience, during the learning process, I was not able to overcome the challenges initially which had frustrated me, and I felt like quitting, but I have shown commitment, to overcome these challenges, and there have been many instances where I wanted to give up but showed commitment to complete my task.

Learner Profiles

Thinker – Learning a language requires thinking skills, I have shown thinking skills by carefully identifying words and phrases, I understood it and then answered.

Inquirer – I have had many questions about Spanish since it was a new language to me, but since no one understood Spanish, I used Google to translate Spanish to English and resolve other queries.


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