Project for a clothing brand :- CAS Project

I am have been making music for a a year now and i wanted to do some commercial projects for my personal growth, and co incidentally my brother, Samarth Rangoonwala called me and informed about a music video shoot ,I was very excited for it as we were getting paid for it and had to travel to Mumbai for it. We had to make introduction music and a video for Mr. Arendu Ghosh who runs a brand called S.A.D.B.O.I.Z. He was launching a shirt and we were assigned to make an advertisement on it. So me and my brother teamed up and did the job in 1 month

LO 1Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth
I identified a number of strengths and weaknesses through out my project and i was also able to improve it during the same. I was not really good with communicating to new people and strangers but after this project, i got to meet so many new people that it help me improve my communication skills automatically. Its very important for us to know our weakness cause weaknesses are the things that makes us lack behind and quit, by knowing them, we can improve them and save a lot of time in the future.
LO 2 Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process
As i mentioned above, i was good at communicating new people specially with strangers due to lack of confidence, during this project, i was able to overcome that fear and boost my confidence over the time. Another challenge that gave me a hard time was meeting the costumer satisfaction, we dont really know what the costumer exactly wants, there are many areas in the project where we blindly predict or assume that this would satisfy the costumer needs. Hopefully, after few revisions, me and my team were able to do that. After the completion of the project, it really felt like I’ve loosed up all the weight off my shoulders. This skills would really help in the future as the project we did was a very eal life task, we were also getting paid for it. It gave me a very realistic idea of what actually goes on in the business industry.
LO 3Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience
Planning out things were difficult for us because we had a very limited time period to complete the project plus very less resources. We had to follow the schedule and initiate the given tasks everyday. Initiating was definitely harder than planning cause we did a lot of physical work for the project like filming, editing and hours of revisions. Planning was also a essential part as we had to make sure that the post production didnt lead to any delays.
LO 5 Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively
Working collaboratively was a key component in this project cause the work load was too much and the time was very limited, We divided the work among 5 people which included filming, post production ,music production, editing and finally mixing and mastering. For me, working is easier as it gives me a healthy competition to complete my work on time. During this activity, it was kind of difficult and easy both for me, cause there were a lot of delays in the process and due to other people, it affected on my work too.
Above is the link to the video we made and below are the evidence of the post production.

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