Economics Club

The activity that was accounted as an experience was the Economics club where I participated. It provided me with a medium to share and receive knowledge efficiently and also develop interpersonal skills simultaneously. I started by regularly joining google meets and getting involved in discussions to build efficient transfer of knowledge and communicate with other members too. Economics club was a club which tended to discuss real life applications, debates, and knowledge with the central focus being on economics. Other clubs were already present like language and psychology where my interest was not present but the Economics club gave me an opportunity to express myself, my knowledge, interpersonal skills and most importantly communicate about the concepts my interest is developed towards.

LO1: Before joining the club I did not identify my strengths and weaknesses. I feel that before joining the club I should have identified my strengths and weaknesses because that could have helped me to improve analyse myself and before joining the club I could have improved upon my weaknesses and continue trying to take advantages of the strengths that I already have so that I could use them while the meetings were taking place. However, after joining the club I had to evaluate my strengths and weaknesses. My strengths are my economics knowledge that I have gained from the last 3 years, the interest that I hold up in economics which allows me to always engage in the class discussions. My weakness was that I was not able to be open minded. Sometimes I got into arguments with other club members because I did not support what they were saying, which led to a lot of time being wasted and a lot of unnecessary discussions. I think it is important to know our strengths and weaknesses so that we can reflect upon them and knowing them will help us improve ourselves more. I did eventually work upon my weakness as I realised that everyone has different opinions and this club was also made so that everyone in that club can grow their knowledge and know about what different people think on a particular topic. This benefited not just me but the whole club as now there were no unnecessary arguments through which time was also being saved. 

LO5: I’ve always been a team player, which makes working collaboratively and learning collaboratively easier for me.  Working with others is generally easy for me, I am able to take inputs from my group members and also give my active participation. During this particular activity it was easy for me to work as a group because my knowledge about economics is good and so I was able to get along with everyone. Working collaboratively increases a lot of efficiency in the group and it also brings a lot of new creative ideas and opinions through which everyone can learn more.The club was a great opportunity to develop a lot of different skills but foremost it helped me to sharpen my collaboration skills. The club has also helped me to develop one of the Important skills and learner profiles which is communication. Working collaboratively and communication skill is very important and needed in scenarios like these, because the productivity of sessions depends upon how much time we invest in useful discussions.

I developed communication and knowledgeable as the learner profiles attributes, as we are supposed to constantly communicate with our peers and share our opinions and ideas, this made my communication better than it was. There were a lot of times where my perspectives were challenged by other club members but I always took that very constructively and tried to improve on the feedback that I got. This activity did bring a sense of enjoyment in me as I have always loved to study economics and know more about how the governments use these concepts in real life, not only the government but basically gaining more knowledge into how the world revolves around economics. This club is a perfect way I can increase my knowledge about economics as there are a lot of people in it and I gain a lot of knowledge from all of them. From this experience I have learned that such platforms are really helpful for someone to increase their knowledge and get to know what other people think about that particular topic. This experience enhanced my knowledge to a great extent and that is what I really appreciate about it. All the learning from this experience is definitely going to help me further in life. 


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