Feeding stray dogs

During the lockdown period stray dogs were not getting food as there was no one to feed them. They were starving and there was no one to look after them. I decided that I will feed the dogs that live near my area so that at least those dogs are not starving. I love dogs and I just can’t see anything wrong happening with them. My mother also said that she will help me feed the dogs living near our area. She said that she can prepare the food for them as we also have a dog and a lot of dog food is available with us. Hence I decided that I will feed them everyday. 

LO3: I organised myself by setting up a fixed time at which me and my mother prepare the food and feed it to the dogs. Everyday I followed this routine no matter how busy I might be with my academics but I made this a part of my routine to feed them everyday. I am usually an organised person. I like to keep everything planned. The initiating in this activity was difficult compared to planning as there were days when I was very busy with other work but I still managed to feed them everyday, also some dogs might think that we would harm them and they were sometimes getting aggressive but when they saw the food that we had in our hand they understood that we are not going to harm them. In the future, planning and initiating will be much easier as I now have a little bit of experience and I know what went wrong in the planning and I learned how these things cannot be repeated. Hence planning and initiating will be much easier in the future. 

LO6: I was focusing on two sustainable development goals which are also connected to global issues. Life on land and Zero hunger were the two sustainable development goals I was taking actions upon. I know that these issues are important globally as a lot of countries are coming together to work upon the sustainable development goals and hence it is important globally.  Knowing about the global issues contributes to my personal growth as I would try to take actions upon those global issues and it will increase my knowledge about the different cultural, ethical, political, economical, issues as well and I would also try to take actions upon those global issues as well. It makes me feel sad after knowing about a global issue which talks about hunger. I feel sad for the people and animals who are starving and are not able to get food. My work for this activity will be a small step towards reducing hunger. 

LO7: The ethical issues that were involved in this activity were that a lot of people take such initiatives to feed the stray dogs but they generally don’t feed them what is healthy for them. People usually feed them bread and biscuits which is not good for the health of dogs. This ethical issue makes me feel that I should spread awareness about how they can feed stray dogs the right food for their health and how feeding them bread or biscuits is affecting their health in a negative way. My opinion on this ethical issue has always been the same, I always discourage people giving dogs bread or biscuits as it is severely affecting their health. 

The learner profile characteristics that I developed during this experience is “caring” as I showed empathy towards dogs. This activity did not benefit others but it did encourage other people to also feed stray dogs. A lot of other people in my area started to feed the stray dogs after I started to feed them. I achieved success as the dogs were so happy whenever I used to go feed them. I am still continuing to feed these stray dogs and now I aim that I can feed more dogs outside my area as well. This activity certainly bring a sense of enjoyment to me as looking at their happy faces I felt so good. 


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