Learning how to play the Keyboard

L1: When I started this activity, I instantly noticed that I was easily able to pick up beats and tempos, however something that I was bad at was my hand-eye coordination. Initially, I struggled a lot, and I would often end up pressing the wrong notes. 

L2: This difficulty in improving my hand-eye coordination was difficult because even if I wanted to press a note, I could not press the correct key. This frustrated me, because I was under the impression that typing on a laptop was similar to playing the keyboard, hence I thought it would be easy for me to play the keyboard well.

L4: However, I realized that I was getting better as I practiced, so I kept practicing and my hand-eye coordination became better over time. I was able to play several different songs, within a couple of months, with the assistance of my sister who taught me different tips and tricks to improve my performance.

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