Feeding the strays

Me and my friends started noticing stray dogs were very malnourished and no one was giving them food due to the pandemic hence we decided to feed strays and came up with a plan to go to feed strays twice a week.


My friends and I were all studying in DP hence we were all very occupied in studying , it was difficult to find a time where all of us were free. We finallly decided on a time that was agreeable after a lot of deliberation. We decided to divide tasks amongst us such as bringing water, buiscuits and other things that were neccessary to do the task.


We were regularly going to feed the strays twice every week despite juggling a lot of tasks.it was difficult for me as I had a lot of things to do such as the Extened essay. I adjusted my schedule to fit this task as I felt that what we were doing was neccessary and important.


The benifit of working together in this case was that we could split up the responsibilities between all of us and that made it more easier and efficient because there was a lot of food and water for a single person to carry and feed so working collaboratly allowed us to help the strays better.


The role of ethics in our decisions was that we felt that innocent animals were suffering but when we went to feed the dogs every time the number of dogs were increasing which might hinder the surrounding residents, but the people didn’t mind so we feeding the dogs

The learner profiles that were developed in this experience were Caring and Balanced as I learned the skill to manage my time better, be more efficient and learn responsibility and show empathy towards stray dogs and other creatures.

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