Organizing stock

My father’s buisness has been running for a long time and they have hundreds of thousands of unique designs available in large amounts but they hadn’t shifted over to digital yet. Hence why we used qr codes for all the racks in the showroom and assaigned all the barcodes on the designs to each rack.


The sheer number of racks in the showroom were huge. There were above 500 racks on each floor and there were 3 floors to organize. It took me and my brothers about a month to finally input all the racks into the program. We worked deligently over the course of the summer break to complete the entire project.


We divided the racks amongst us brothers. We started with the third floor working our way down. The racks were further divided into A,B,C,D and E corisponding to all the side of the showroom. We counted the stock and then scanned the bar code on the design and input it into the system.


The project took me 1 month to complete. I sacrificed my summer break to dedicate it to work. This was a very important task as the data would go to the official website so we had to make sure that the amount we wrote down was exact as it would cause issues if what we counted was off.


Working together cut down a lot of time. The distributed work load allowed us to work efficiently while decreasing the workload on each memeber. The time tack was reduced 4 fold so the time that it would take me alone to do it would be 4 months.

The learner profile that I developed during this experience is principled as I gained a sort of drive and motivation to complete what had been assaigned to me and understanding the responsibility and working honestly.

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