Cooking (2)


I have always been surrounded by the best food. I know how to cook in theory but I have never cooked for myself or others. CAS provided me with the opportunity and motivation to learn how to cook. I intend to learn cooking, developing my senses and skills by trying different cuisines and also learning how to bake. 

I intend to cook once a week. 


It took time for me to understand the amount of salt and other ingredients to put while cooking. I also learnt the gas level needed for different types of food. One key takeaway was to constantly stir on low heat to make sure the food was absorbing all the ingredients. I was able to understand the consistency of food, cooking time and could act quickly which made the learning process easier. I over came my fear of heat.

LO2, LO4

Most individuals use their assumption while baking or cooking. I had a hard time following the recipes because I lacked experience. However, I tried using different tools like a weighing machine and tools to measure that I found at home to help me succeed. It took a while to develop my sense of assumption. One incident I remember is reading countless blogs to understand exactly when the cream is whipped. The cream when it forms stiff peaks. If the cream doesn’t drip, it means it is not whipped yet. I had a good time learning such tricks that will help me throughout my life. 

During my time cooking, I was an inquirer. I asked questions to my mother and father and even searched online to help me develop my skills. I also stuck to my routine, cooking once a week and trying different recipes with different cuisine. I used my reflection skills (reflective) to get better at cooking. I was able to make connections with baking and heat-cooking. 

I saw myself work on my self-management skills and organization skills. I was more aware of my surroundings. If one thing is cooking and simultaneously other is, I was able to balance the tasks. 

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