Trying a new Sport

This experience is an activity which is centered around me trying a new sport. I have never played frisbee which is why learning and practicing it was very new to me. In this activity, not only do I learn about the way frisbee is played or its rules and structure but also physically participating and practicing frisbee with my friends and family. Theoretical understanding with physical involvement in this sport will help me not only develop knowledge about frisbee but also levy many beneficial health and fitness outcomes like hand eye coordination, development in muscular tissues, improves electric motor abilities, etc. It also enhances personal growth by developing coordination, communication and adaptation. The goal of this CAS experience is to educate myself about this sport and play frisbee for 3 months continuously.  


This was a completely unfamiliar experience for me as I had not previously undertaken any expertise in this established area which is why it was comparatively difficult and challenging.  Learning about the sport itself was the easy part but initiating myself in playing the sport was where difficulties took place. The coordination between the hand movement and frisbee was very difficult for me as the frisbee always slipped in the start which was a skill I had to develop slowly. Also, the different types of throwing techniques like hammer,backhand and forehand the way it is thrown took immense time to acquire this technique. Repetitive involvement and practice not only helped me in overcoming the challenges but also helped me in adapting my skills and techniques towards the circumstances prevalent. Practice with constant evaluation helped me in overcoming these challenges. Challenges like these should be undertaken in order to boost confidence and morale, but also to achieve new learnings from the consequences we go through. This whole sport was new to me which is why every aspect I went through was a new skill I wished to acquire but I also learned and developed skills not specific to the sport like communication and coordination which will help me in maintaining interpersonal relationships as well as develop knowledgeable interactions.  


The aspect that made commitment and perseverance necessary was that in order to develop in any sport, repetitive exposure in it will help in new skills to be acquired and challenges to be overcomed. In order to master the sport, I had to devote my time and focus into it to reap appropriate results. The type of commitment required was mainly focus and compliance as I had to adjust myself to any feedback given by people who were superior to me in this sport. It was easy for me to commit and show perseverance as I really have fun playing sports which automatically gives me the push to continue and move forward. 


Frisbee is a sport where coordination and communication is needed throughout with other teammates. Any flaw or deviation in the bond between teammates can lead to losses for the team. It is not very easy for me to work with teammates as I generally believe in working independently without dependence on others. The major aspect of frisbee where coordination is critical is while offense where coordination need to be maintained. I regularly communicated with them as some were helpful and were giving advice while others had only priorities of winning the game who were difficult to cooperate with. The importance of coordination is that it helps in developing synergy which can give more beneficial skills as a team than all individual players combined. Teamwork also helps in developing interpersonal relationships and a common direction or angle towards reaching a goal. 

Final Takeaway:

The learner profile attributes I displayed were communicator, inquirer and reflective. In the start of my experience, I inquired about the way frisbee is played and its rules and structure from my superiors as I was curious about it and was critical in order to actively participate in the sport. I was reflective as I evaluated my emerging skills by communicating with my teammates and developed upon it. I was also a communicator as in order to cooperate and be an active member of the team, I had to make interactions and be involved in the common tactics followed. The highlight of this experience was comparing my first and last time playing frisbee in the experience, visibly indicating the development I had gone through throughout the life of this experience. This was a complete success for me as though I was skeptical of my development in this sport, the videos and my performance clearly signify the progress I have gone through which has satisfied me as the commitment and efforts I brought in gave immensely positive outcomes. The development in fitness components were clearly visible and has helped me in achieving a balanced and healthy lifestyle like my agility, reaction time, endurance and muscular strength developed proportionally with my performance while the development in communication and coordination will help me throughout life and has implications in interpersonal interactions and relationships.

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