CAS – shoots for local brands

Creativty and service. Out of interest and passions, I did several photoshoots for local brands.

LO2- being in front of the camera is not easy. The creative directors always have a certain expectation out of the shoot, and with them guiding us for what they want, along with the photographers, it creates a tension which pulls us back from freely presenting ourselves.


Working with others has always been easy for me. Doing these shoots meant working with a lot of people at the same time- the business owners, other models, photographers, make up artists, etc. While doing something that I really like, it was easy for me to work up to people’s expectations and not frown them in any way.

This was the most unique CAS experience I’d ever had. I developed being a risk- taker, open-minded, and communicator. This activity benefited more to the business i was working for, than to me -because these shoots were done for free(hopefully for the last time). However, this activity was definitely a success and I feel as if I’ve accomplished something.

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