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I created an Instagram art account- ( @gunpovder ) to keep me going for my passion for arts. I created this account so that I wouldn’t break a link from arts- making an account would mean that I had to post content for the people who follow me, and would encourage me to create more art. Gunpovder is a place where I show off my artistic side- I mostly post abstract artworks that are often questioned for their meanings.

LO2- The challenge is to be active on this account. With all the submissions and school work, my account becomes a ghost with zero activity. This leaves, not a negative but an unbothered response for my followers.

Another challenge is to hold up with the creativity. While knowing that art is extremely open and cannot be compared between artists, with so many people having art accounts, the platform becomes competitive. This puts a lot of pressure and won’t let me brainstorm ideas for new artwork- which delays the time for a post.

LO4- As already mentioned, this activity was difficult because there was a lot of commitment and perseverance required. I would lose the connectivity streak if I wouldn’t post- which actually is a problem. There are times when there’s a lot of school work, this is when thinking about posting something on my art account is the last thing I’d do. Because making good artworks take time, and I wouldn’t post anything that wasn’t ‘well finished’ by my end.

LO6- Art helps communicate messages. These messages could be anything – even topics related to global significance. There are currently two artworks on Gunpover that include global significance- I made an artwork for female empowerment wherein different body types were sketched in frames. Another work was done for a foundation (Siya foundation) who spread awareness about menstrual hygiene and health. The artwork was made for them to post on the world menstrual hygiene day.

LO7- Ethics in my account come by acknowledging the artists’ whose artworks influence me. I make sure that my content is original and that I’m not copying anything from anywhere. I stay by not taking the simpler road, and rather sit to brainstorm ideas and drafts.

insta account- gunpovder

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