CAS- brand management course

(C- creativity)

LO1- Strength & growth

undertaking a course in brand management was done with an intention to grow more knowledge in this area. Brand management is a part of business, which is my strength. However, after realizing that there’s a scope for me in brand management as a career, I realized that it would be beneficial for me to be if not fully, well versed with its terms and related concepts.

LO4 – Showing perseverance and commitment.

This course is a 5 week course. I started this course in the summer break and have been doing it in the free time I get between the schoolwork. It was challenging to focus on the course with all the school related submissions I had on my plate. Moreover, the commitment goes not only towards completing the course, but also to gain new knowledge.

LO7 – Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions.

At the end of each module, we have to give a test, along with a 100 word answer which proves to them that we really understood what the course said- this would make us eligible for the certificate. The ethics stepped in while answering those tests- meaning, with full honesty and not cheating.

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