CAS- Gym

CAS- Gym
(A- activity)

I started working out about 3 months ago in the midst of lockdown, on my terrace until the gym opened. The overall aim was obviously to get a toned figure.

LO2-challenges and skills
Gyming, in general, is challenging. Especially when someone hasn’t worked out in a long time. It was challenging because the exercises were new to me and my body wasn’t suitably flexible for it, it was stiff. I realized that the squat I had been doing till before I attended the gym, was wrong. However, gradually as the more days I attended, I got better. Personally, I’m glad that I undertook such a challenge. I chose to follow a strict diet and it had me fighting continuous inner conflicts to not eat something I’d regret.

The other conflict was time management. Being an IBDP student means that there are a lot of submissions that could have been covered in that one hour time. However, I chose to take out some time from my schedule to dedicate it towards exercising – considering the many benefits it has(release of dopamine, endorphins and serotonin).

To end, I believe that it is important to face new challenges because they help us realize our potential.

LO4- commitment and perseverance.
Challenging our own selves to get better at workout is difficult and requires perseverance and commitment. Because no one receives the outcomes after just a few days of working out, it only happens after one has put in a lot of effort and discipline (both for diet and time). The two commitments i had was to show up to the gym and to eat healthy. It’s not easy, but it’s thrilling.

Overall, I enhanced the learner profile risk-taker and principled. The highlight of this experience are all of my leg days. I achieved success because my routine changed after going to gym. I increased my flexibility, and developed a greater stamina.

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