Learning 3d modeling in the software blender (CAS 2)

Blender is an open-source and free software that is very versatile, it is mainly used for 3d modeling, animation, motion graphics and much more. Even though it is free software it is still used in professional studios and the film and graphics industry. As i want to pursue design I thought it would be great if I could learn 3d modeling in blender for my future endeavors and it would look great on my resume. I downloaded blender in august of 2020 and started learning how to model objects and characters through the use of online courses from udemy and skillshare.

L01 – Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth

As 3d modeling is a very wide field of art I could easily identify my strengths and weaknesses while learning how to model in a blender. There are hundreds of tools and techniques and skills needed to master this art. I understood that I was great in 3d mapping spaces but lacked in producing a smooth and clean finished product. I also observe that I used to rush through some bits because of impatience. Knowing all of this I could improve my learning abilities by focusing on what I lacked 

L02 – Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills

in the process

Learning blender was a completely new experience for me, although we have learned about modeling in our design technology classes I’ve never really had any hands-on experience of using professional software. Learning the basics of how to create unique shapes and how to make my imagination come true in a 3d space in a computer was completely unique therefore i have learned many new skills such as familiarisation with the modeling tools, basic rendering, and much more  

L03 – Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience

For this CAS experience, I had a solid schedule and plan that needed to be followed, I had researched topics I was interested in and wanted to learn in modeling, and then I had made a weekly schedule of when I was gonna study and learn and how much I was gonna study and learn in a day. I decided that I would learn 3-4 times a week with 2 hour-long sessions. I wouldn’t describe myself as a neatly organized person so following this plan was a bit tough for me.

L04 – Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences

Completely this CAS experience was very challenging, there were times where I thought I was gonna just rush through to get the task over with because of my lack of experience, for example when I had software glitches and issues. But there were times when I got motivated to continue when I saw the results of my hard work shine through, I had to be persistent and committed to complete all of the courses. Because of this, my interest for 3d modeling had grown even more 

To conclude I’d say I developed learner attributes like reflective and knowledgeable. Reflective as I had many many mistakes during the whole learning process and I had to think and reflect on those mistakes to learn more about modeling and knowledge, this whole experience gave me rudimentary knowledge on 3d modeling. I wholeheartedly say that this experience was a major success looking at the stuff I created and learned, these learning will definitely help me in my future career and endeavors. 

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