BM club- creativity

BM club: 

LO1: By making the right decision to join the business management club, I was able to recognise my strong interest in business. This club has allowed me to broaden my understanding of business management and its repercussions. (identification of strength and growth in BM)

LO2:  During such engaging classes, online classrooms were more of a challenge, which meant that the sessions were occasionally dull and the conversations drifted off topic. Though the open discussions, engaging with guest speakers and asking them questions, and general interactions have widened my understanding of management and assisted me in better understanding the concepts. Overcoming challenges and gaining new skills has made me cherish the session more, which is why I feel clubs are a useful resource for us and an important part of our personal development.(developed skills that helped me in real life)

LO4: When you start showing your interest in something, you naturally improve your persistence and commitment towards the class. The club was quite active and had always been enjoyable in some way; the hosts had always prepared various events that piqued the interest of the members.(enhanced collaboration skills)

LO5: I believe that it is important to work collaboratively because it encourages more opinions in the discussions and makes the sessions more productive. All the members of the BM club were super interactive and participative which encouraged each and every member to speak out their point of view.(self management skills)

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