Learning to invest in the stock market

I was able to understand concepts well, and I was also able to apply them while searching for companies to invest into, however I would often forget the meaning of several ratios used to judge a company’s performance. Now that I know it, I feel that I can work harder on my memorization skills, which will help me apply the knowledge I have gained every time I check the financials of a company.

Another thing that was challenging for me was to invest in a company. I say this because I was afraid I might lose all my money, hence I was not confident while investing. Another reason I was afraid to invest was because I had never done anything like this before. However, I decided that I would start investing in small amounts and if it worked out well, I would consider investing most of my savings. I feel that I learnt something new which allowed me to become a better person that I was yesterday.

I created a document where I took notes from my discussions with my parents and several youtubers. Usually, I am not an organised person, but I made it a point to organize my notes well, so that accessing them would not be difficult and I could get the information I am looking for without wasting a lot of time. I think that I won’t hesitate to invest my money in the future because I have now developed confidence in my research skills.

Currently, the market is on an extreme bull-run, which means that most of the companies are overvalued. However, there comes a point when the market tends to correct itself, and the overvalued companies’ share prices fall. In order to not be a victim of market-correction, a lot of research was required to find companies that were under-valued, hence would not be affected by market correction. Showing perseverance and commitment is important, because before investing your money into something, it is important to know the risks of what you are doing.

The issue I addressed by completing this experience, was that I was able to address the UN’s Sustainable Development goal, Decent work and economic growth. Learning how to invest can help me compound my money, leading to personal economic growth.

Notes taken from:


This is a snapshot of the table of contents of the notes I took. These notes represent what I learnt through youtube.

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