Reflection – Feeding Dogs

Description – I would like to feed the steet dogs in my community. Firstly, I am not afraid of street dogs that many are from so I can interact with the them. As a result, I would try to give the some food daily and do my part as a responsible community member. The issue is that a lot of dogs do not have any home to go to or any food source so basically this would help them in some way.

LO-4 – Feeding street dogs, who are left with no assistance but are on their own, is something I thought as a responsible community member I should do. Although I live in a building, I still think that the dogs in my community do keep me and my community safe to an extent. Dogs have good senses and could keep us away from a lot of problems which we humans could not directly sense. In that case, I think it is my duty to help them back by giving them some food daily, which I did. Mostly, I was regular in feeding the dogs. However, sometimes, I might have missed making them eat due to some reasons. 

LO-6 – The SDG goal that relates to this experience is ‘Zero Hunger’. I think that even dogs can be poor when they don’t have proper food sources. It is not only about humans who starve out of less food but even dogs do. We should understand that they are also living beings and letting them die would, eventually, affect other living organisms too including us. Therefore, we should take responsibility in helping animals, birds, and other creatures too if they are non-violent.


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