Feeding Street Dogs

In this CAS Experience, I made a group with some friends, and we gave out food to street dogs as they do not get sufficient food and die of hunger.

It was challenging as the dogs would run away when we tried to approach them with food. I hadn’t done anything similar before. I overcame this challenge by approaching them on foot instead of vehicles as they ran away when a vehicle stopped next to them. I feel satisfied after doing a good deed.

I organized myself by setting a reminder for the experience when all my friends and I were free. Both initiating and planning were relatively more uncomplicated for this experience as everyone was ready for this experience. I planned to prioritize the puppies and dogs that look much more hungry, meaning that their rib cages are visible, and that made us divide the biscuits easily between other dogs. I think that this experience did not need much planning or initiation; hence, my organizational skills haven’t improved. It is important to know how to plan or initiate activities as it develops one’s leadership skills, which are essential in the future.

The globally significant issue I dealt with in this experience was Life On Land, by giving street dogs a meal as they were suffering from hunger. As this was done in public, it also spread awareness about the issue, so other people might start giving out food to street dogs. I knew about them by reading articles on how street dogs are treated, which made me want to help them. Learning about these global issues contribute to my personal growth by giving me the experiences and stories of the harsh realities that street dogs face, especially in India. As I am now aware of this global issue, I feel furious towards the people who neglect the street dogs. My CAS experience helps these dogs get sufficient nutrients to compensate for their neglect.

The ethical issues involved in this activity are neglect of animals and mistreatment of street animals, especially dogs in India. The ethical issue affected me indirectly; however, that didn’t stop me from helping those who faced it directly. The issue made me feel disgusted towards the people who perform such acts towards street dogs, such as hitting them with sticks or throwing rocks at them. My opinion stayed the same even after the activity.

The Learner Profile Attributes I showed in this activity were Knowledgeable, as I knew how the street dogs should be treated, Thinkers, as I thought about how to help these street dogs, Communicators as I communicated to my friends who helped my reach towards the street dogs, Caring as I cared for the street dogs, and Risk-takers as I took a risk approaching the dogs as there was a possibility that they might attack my friends and me.


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