Creating New Taekwondo Poomsae :- CAS

Poomsae is a part of taekwondo where they are a set sequence of movements that consists of the various fundamental stances, blocks, punches and kicks logically arranged in a meaningful order in response to attacks from multiple attacks at the same time. There are eight different already existing taekwondo poomsae which are taught during different stages from white to black belt. Poomsae is one of the important and helpful things in life. I have always been very curious about learning these eight poomsae so after completely learning all these eight poomsae I wish to develop my own poomsae through my experience and creativity. 

The LO which I demonstrated are LO1, LO2, LO4, and LO6

LO1:- The strength which I have during creating my own new poomsae is that I have already learned all the eight type of existing poomsae and have done mastery in all the eight poomsae this allows me to have a strong base while creating the poomsae as I will be all the different kicks, punching and block which are used, I will also be able to use the perfect kick, puch or block for the perfect time and situation. Hence, this will be my strength while creating my own poomsae.

LO2:- The challenges which I faced will creating my own poomsae is that poomsae is not something which is easy to create or something which can be done within few hours as while creating poomsae you have to undertake different situation, different timing and different attack which can take place in that situation. The other major challenge which I faced was which type of poomsae should I create.This were the  challenge which I faced during creating my poomsae.

LO4:- As I mentioned above creating a new poomsae is not easy and will require time and efforts and most importantly creativity to create a new poomsae so on few days  I was very tired because of the taekwondo training and all the different types of IB submission and so though not working that day But on those days I still went on thinking and creating my own poomsae as I was committed and mostly it is one my favorite thing to do as it was challenging and that challenge gave me more motivation.

LO6:- Globally, poomsae is given very little significance in comparison to other things like sparring in taekwondo, but they are essential. knowing Poomsae is always  an advantage in the words and makes your well being better. Poomsae contribute to well-being and regular participation ensures health benefits and a great joint movement in the body and the joints. Also doing poomsae can keep you fit and help you develop your concentration and focus also in a way developing health and well being. Well, doing IB doesnt give me time for other things but as Poomsae do not require a lot of time to practice it gave me an opportunity to stay fit and maintain my well-being.

To conclude, creating my own poomsae helped me to develop creativity skills as while creating we need to think out of the box to create the poomsae. The other skill which I developed was time management as I had to manage my studies and submission side by side while creating the poomsae. 


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