Reflection – Playing Basketball

Description – In winters, I played basketball to improve my skills. I would like to continue playing basketball and enhance my playing technique and skills into it by devoting more time into it.

LO-1 and LO-2- For quite some time, I had waited to begin my training in basketball. Then, I had begun my training almost after a year due to the pandemic, I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to get my old game easily. This was a real challenge for me. This is because sometimes it reduces one’s confidence. However, I was determined to get back the same form with which I used to play. I started to invest more time in the basics, that is doing drills and close-up shoots, rather trying long distant shoots. Gradually, in two weeks, I was able to get my old game back in 3-4 weeks. 

As a result, I started to focus on enhancing my skills. I tried to develop power in my throws and improve my accuracy in long distance shoots. My coach insisted that I focus on explosive training, which would help me to improve my mobility of body. This type of training requires a lot of stamina and power. Sometimes, I wasn’t able to cope up with this power training as it is really exhaustive. However, throughout the process I was able to sustain my stamina and play longer. 

LO-4 – I was not only training hard but also playing mindfully. At times after training, we used to have game practice where one needs to be fully invested in the game otherwise one would lose. I kept myself focussed and persevered to improve each time I win or lose. My attitude to improve would help me stay focused in the game. 

LO-5 – Obviously, it is a team sport and requires robust teamwork. Consequently, we were supposed to collaborate and cooperate with our teammates. And for that we need to communicate properly with our team members, but sometimes there were disagreements or disputes between me and my mates upon playing or acting in a certain way. Due to this, we might lose a game and also the trust in one another. 


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