MATP- Project

For this cas project, I had worked on MATP(mission anti-trafficking program) which is a public awareness campaign that aims to plight millions of girls who are trafficked for sexual exploitation around the globe. Women and girls are usually trafficked for sexual and economic exploitation, particularly prostitution and pornography, forced labour, including for work in commercial agriculture and domestic work, arranged marriages or to be ‘sold’ as brides, recruitment for participation in hostilities. This Project lasted for around 6-7 months where a group of us covered different issues concerning trafficking and bullying. We took sessions with our juniors to inform them about this issue, we also shared our inputs through social media platforms like Instagram and youtube. 

There were 5 modules we had to complete to complete this project, and before starting this project we had a few sessions with MATP teams. For the first module, we have to play an online game from the perspective of a trafficked girl and then share our perspectives and experiences with the rest. For the second module, we had to spread awareness about trafficking for which we took online sessions with students, and later we decided to Start our Instagram page and youtube account so that we could spread this knowledge on a greater scale. The 3 modules was focusing on adolescent education and the fourth module was focusing on cyber safety. For module 2,3,4 the media posts were made and sessions with juniors were taken. Lastly, for the fifth module, we had to create a board game through which we could explain the means of this whole program. We as a group played the game first and then we made random people, our family and friends play the same. We also interacted with the MATP main team before starting a new module. They helped and guided us very well. 

This project helped me a lot to increase my knowledge about the trafficking world and how to deal with it. I am also happy that I was able to make good use of this knowledge by sharing it with others and increasing the level of awareness for the same.

LO1-. Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth

My strengths during this program were completing my tasks before deadlines, interacting and managing the media platforms daily, editing videos with one more group member, and making sure all the tasks were completed on time by everyone. I was also responsible for leading the 4th Module.

The areas I Gradually identified that my organization skills had improved during this project. I was the one managing the media platforms and was leading module 4 which had me complete my tasks in a more presentable manner so that the rest of the work could work smoothly.

LO2-Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process

One of the biggest challenges we faced was with getting new viewers on our media pages. We tried different marketing strategies to gain followers by sharing it in family groups sharing it on our personal media pages informing friends and people living near us but still, the response wasn’t as great as we needed. But then we asked the school and the MATP team to advertise our page on their media handles to reach out to more people and the results started to work alike. The posts were shared on different stories by different people which increased our views and helped us cover more people than we originally did.

I am good with organizing and presentation skills but while working on the media after some time we felt that normal posters look a little too plain so we started adding hashtags in support of them in the description section. I also created a spreadsheet for the media posts so that I am aware of the tasks deadlines and the tasks which are done. This also kept the rest members updated about the platforms and the quality of the content posted there.

 LO3-Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience

The basic plan was given by the MATP organizers but our team got a lot of external things done with this. We added social media and awareness sessions to our list as we thought of utilizing our knowledge and informing a lot more people about this issue. For the sessions with the younger ones we coordinated with their supervisor and modified our content following their knowledge. Planning those sessions and working with them helped me to understand the strategies to work according to the audience. 

LO4- Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences

I showed commitment to this project as I dedicated a lot of time and hard work to this project for 7 months. I completed my tasks on time and even helped others if anytime was required. There were bearers like not getting scripts on time due to several reasons but then collaboratively we managed to complete our tasks and work as a group.

LO5-Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively

According to my, we managed this work great as a group. We collaborated and contributed equally to this project. There were 5 modules in total and the group consisted of 5 members as well, so we all took the lead for 1 module each, except for this we also distributed roles amongst ourselves like content creator, video editor, social media manager, etc. I was the media handler for all the modules and I worked on video editing with one more member. We divided our roles based on our skills. 

Sometimes not getting the content was very frustrating because it used to disturb the whole schedule of the video editors and added pressure on me to edit the videos before the posting date with the pressure of summative and exams, but the members were so collaborative and understanding that they tried to restrict such things after a few reminders. This project wouldn’t have been so productive and engaging without my team members, the MATP main team, and our supervisor’s support.

LO6-  Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance

The main reason behind this project was to raise awareness about issues like human trafficking which relates to topics like Quality education(if people are more aware of such topics they would be careful of their actions and the rate of traffickers would reduce), Sustainable cities and communities(this would reduce the crime rate which will help to prevent such issues) and Peace justice and strong institutions(this will make a safer environment for everyone). These SDGs help in decreasing the issue of trafficking, making this place more peaceful for humanity. 

LO7-Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions

The issue itself brings the idea of morals and ethics. According to my, it is unethical to not take action about such things. Some don’t know the dark side but some don’t do anything even after knowing about it. Through this project I was able to make a small contribution against this issue, spreading awareness would help the unknown be more knowledgeable avoiding helping in reducing such issues. We added detailed information in our media post. In my perspective, people are more prone to be dependent on information circulated through the internet, and the data we added in there may provoke some to take action to reduce such terrifying issues. We not only discussed the issues and their impact but we also provided solutions and suggested actions that could help people stay safer. This understanding has made me grow mentally and emotionally and has created this urge to help the world. 


I have demonstrated several learner profiles:

Thinker- I used my critical thinking skills while finding marketing strategies, leading the module, etc. I also used my creative thinking skills while creating the videos, the media posts, etc. 

communicator-I communicated with different people like teachers, team members, students, coordinators, MATP main team, unknown people through different medians while managing the media pages and for module sessions.

Reflective- I reflected on the task I completed during the week and worked upon the areas I felt could improve the essence of my work.


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