Experience 7- Cooking Competition

For this CAS experience I covered LO1, LO2, LO3

I took part in a cooking competition hosted by Baker’s Arena. I have been interested in cooking and baking ever since I was in grade 6. I really enjoy cooking a lot and have been creating my own dishes and recipes for a long time, But for a long time, I hadn’t created or learned something new because of the submissions and assessments. When I got to know about this competition I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to cook again and take it as a part of my CAS experience. For the competition we were required to make pizza and brownies by replicating the recipe provided, we also had to show our creativity by using 3 different things except the recipe provided. This experience didn’t only allow me to share my talent with others but also inspired me to bring variations in small things as well.


For the longest time, I haven’t replicated someone’s recipe ever since I started making my own, especially when I was asked to add something of my own in some other recipe. It was something I feel I have polished through this competition. There wasn’t something I felt I learned new when it comes to the cooking area but I learned how to build self-confidence even While working with someone else’s art. Getting the right flavor and texture is something one masters with practice which is one of my strengths that helped me to get a good, equal dish at the end.  


One of the greatest challenges in this experience was to find creative addons for my recipe, it was very hard for me to find something that got me the best dish but the more I searched the more I unmotivated myself. While creating those dishes, normal things like adding pear to the pizza and making brownies with different types for flours were something that came to my mind randomly and I made both of my dishes with the ingredients that popped up in my mind during this process. Through this experience, I realized that it is not always possible to be perfectly prepared for everything. Instead, we should focus on what we can do and strengthen those things by doing the task willingly.


The basic recipe was provided but organising those elements and making sure the recipe turns out with good quality required a little planning. The main bearer was managing this task with submissions and assessments nearby, it was very important for me to divide the competition tasks like making which dish on what day and editing its video shreds of evidence while focusing on academics and college applications pilled up. Usually, when I cook I don’t plan out things that allow me to bring variation to my dishes but as this was a competition I had to make sure that everything goes according to the requirements of the same. Planning and distributing the tasks helped me work on both academics and the competition together and after this, I decided to dedicate some time for cooking at least twice a week.

Learner profiles  demonstrated   were:

Risk-taker- I took the risk of adding marinated pear to my pizza at the end moment but experimenting with ingredients turned out to have a positive result. The pear was juicy and crunchy even after it was baked. The pear added a different flavour to the pizza enhancing its flavour and adding different textures to it.

Thinker- I used my creative thinking skills while selecting ingredients for my dish and while assembling it on a plater to make it look more appealing and presentable.


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