(Service) feeding stray dogs

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Caring for any living thing requires lots of effort and commitment, this was something I even learned in the gardening cas experience. This time it was something even more important, stray dogs (and puppies). I can’t afford to miss even a day to feed them or else they will have to sleep hungry. I went every night to feed them (4 puppies, 3 other dogs). Now that DP is getting intense, I have delegated this responsibility to my mother.

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I only fed the dogs their dinner, while the afternoon and evening food was given by a friend in the building. Sometimes, when I could not feed the dogs, I would ask him to and he/d do it, vice versa if he couldn’t make it in the afternoon.

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In accordance with SDG 15, life on land, it is important to care for animals around us and it’s not only the responsibility of the government to care for animals. After all, we share the planet with not only other humans but millions of other living creatures.

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I believe this is the correct thing to do ethically, given that none or less people care for the dogs and those which give some food give dirty leftovers with spices used in the cooking (the only creature which eats spices are tree shrews). To give them the food which a dog isn’t suited for is unethical to give. I considered it my ethical/moral responsibility to feed the dogs. Another consideration is that I gave them veg food, mostly milk and some bread as i think it’s unethical to kill another animal.

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