CAS Reflection 7:- First aid online course

In this cas experience i learned basic first aid course from a fist aid website which specializes in this to provide basic first aid knowledge to every individual and provides certification for which.

LO2: Demonstrate the challenges have been undertake, developing new skills in the process

I learned a new skill of first aid which was a bit lengthy in which it taught about all first aid about burning, cuts, cpr, etc and how to tackle this situations and learning with online mode made it a little difficult as this is theoretical not practical and cause some issues when a situation comes up in real but we would have basic knowledge which is better than none and hence help us tackle the problem.

LO6: Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance.

the issue of global significance faced is health and well being as first aid course is a basic thing every individual should know and understand so that in emergency they can even save someone else’s life. with this first aid course the basic understanding of giving cpr and what to do to cuts, burns, etc, which is very important to know as these can turn to severe damage in a split of a second which is why they should be tackled with immediately.

LO7: Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions

This course needs ethics as a necessity as if we don’t learn it ethically we will forget it in the future due to which someone else’s life might suffer as if we did the first aid wrong. which is why ethically learning this course was a responsibility and which i did complete so that i can do my best in any harsh situation.

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