debunking the myth: career edition

people generally form myths for certain career fields, and this leads many potential aspirants to drop the idea of going into those fields, well believeing on myths is not an option when your career depends on it. Me and my three friends find it a serious problem and so decided to take a step to debunk these myths. we decided to create a talkshow where we would interview professionals of certain fields and ask them to confirm or reject the myth.

Creativity and service .

creativity : as i improved my video editing skills, and creative skill by making posters on the canva.

service : we posted the videos on youtube for millions of people to view and to spread awareness about certain career fields for students.

the LO’s that are to be catered are ( LO 1,2,3,4,5,6,7)

LO 1 – identify own strengths and develop area for growth : i have never been very tech savy, although we were taught to edit videos in school using the wevideo online tool, but that was in 7-8 grade, i was always very nervous when it came to editing things, and always asked other to do so, but in this as in the beginning i was working only behind the scenes, editing was a main job and could not be avoided, hence it was the first time i edited independently, and once i started it i found it to be quite easy, and fun.

LO 2- Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process: i got familiar with the software wevideo, when i used it independently for the editing of the videos, it was a few times that i had taken help of one of my friends, also i got used to the online tool canva for making posters to post on the grid of instagram, i am not very tech savy and these were the things i never did before, hence doing it individually for the first time was pretty tough, sometimes it even took me days to finish proper editing.

LO 3- Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience: we followed a sheet to schedule every episode, and the deadline for the final date of publishing, this helped us a lot, as our plan was all laid out and we just had to follow it, between the shoot of episode 4 and episode 5 there were many deadlines missed due to many IA submissions hence we were a bit delayed.

LO 4- Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences : even after several problems and delays, we managed to complete all 7 episodes in the final deadline, this includes our extra efforts put towards the project. Although it was very hard to complete all 7 on time, we did it.

LO 5- Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively: our team had excellent collaboration, we helped each other in questions forming for the interviews, all were very attentive and participative during brainstorming sessions, and about the way the project should lead, in the editing of the lawyer episode, i had taken help of one of my friend as i was unable to edit that episode due to some personal reasons.

LO 6- Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance : selescting a suitable career path is a big dillemma for students and even more when there are myths involved, so in order to solve this problem we created this talk show so we can help students all around the world by debunking the myths, as it will be published on youtube, students all around the world can view it.

LO 7- Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions: we asked several profesional about ethical constraints and consequences of their actions on their fields, so everyone can know about the difference between, right and wrong in various fields, we followed corporate confidentiality protocols for various guests, who preferred some information to not go out in the open.

this project was something that i enjoyed and helped me grow as a student selecting a career path, also it gives me satisfaction that it will also help other students in doing the same, it also improved my communication and editorial skills.

evidence – :

the link for the raw video of episode 6 as my evidence :

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