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Description – For me, economics is a great subject and as a student I have been studying it since past 2-3 years. Therefore, I want to develop more knowledge into this subject so I thought to be part of this wonderful economics club. This is a club where we discuss about different topics of economics which are not usually taught in the classes and are important to economists or people who study economics via debates and other discussions forms.

LO-1 – I have a deep interest in the subject so I was interested in joining this wonderful club. This club discusses Economics concepts, not usually taught, that are different from what we study in our regular classes. I think it is a great way to learn new things about the subject via debates, discussions and other studies. Thus, this builds upon my prior knowledge in the subject and brings in more interest. 

LO-2 – Since the topics discussed are different from the regular learnings, sometimes it is difficult to understand or comprehend. Nonetheless it is challenging, it is very intriguing too. It allows me to dig deeper into the subject and acquire new things out of it. I have enhanced my critical thinking and communication skills to a larger extent through this club. The reason is I regularly took part in the discussions and debates. 

LO-4 – Throughout the process, I tried to be determined by regularly taking part in the conversations and the discussions. Due to my inquisitiveness in this club, I started being inquisitive in the other subjects too. I even managed to research upon the tasks given or before the debates thoroughly to gain from this experience. 

LO-5 – Furthermore, sometimes we were given tasks that were supposed to be done in groups and needed a collective understanding. This allowed us to gain a wider perspective of the topic that is being discussed or given as a part of the assignment. 

LO-6 – We are in a place where we discuss various political aspects as well as topics of great historical significance. For instance, to name a few, we have discussed ‘The Great Depression’ , ‘GST’, and ‘Taxation policies of India.’ Subsequently, as an IB learner we have developed the skills of being open-minded to different viewpoints and respecting others when they speak. 

LO-7 – I considered the ethics while participating in this CAS experience. I took the opportunity to build my skills and not just for the sake of doing it. My interest in the subject made me committed and productive in experience. And I actively participated in this CAS experience and learnt a lot from it. 

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