Small scale event for hearing and speech impaired children – Creativity, Service (CAS PROJECT)

This particular school for hearing and speech impaired children is one that I have occasionally visited in the past few years. The school has resources that can only suffice for their basic education and accommodation and no extracurricular activities are conducted. This got me thinking and I decided to take it up for CAS. Under this project, we’ll have the children involved in some activities like diya painting and decoration and other fun games.

The Learning outcomes which I have achieved is:

LO2 Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process

As we went to a school of deaf and dumb children, communication was a big barrier for us. It became hard for us to convey our message to them and also to get what they were trying to say. We then learned basic sign language so that it was easy for us to get to them. Moreover, none of us in the group had a prior experience of it so it was hard for us. We all took this as a challenge and felt that it will be easy for us if get engaged in it in a good manner. I and also my group members were able to develop many new skills and especially communication skills which might help us a lot in the future!

LO3 Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience

I personally feel that I have good time management skills and good organizational skills. The most difficult part was for us to initiate the project in a correct manner as there was a big barrier between us and the deaf and dumb children. But, this helped us to get the knowledge of how to plan and initiate a project, event, or anything in our future life. It was very important for us to plan the whole event in a synchronized manner or else it won’t have been interesting for the children and also for us. We also feel that the proper planning helped us in organizing the event smoothly.

LO4 Show commitment to and perseverance

The thing which made it quite difficult for us was communication. We experienced a big communication gap between us and the children. We had to stay committed and perseverated in order to keep the event go smoothly. But it was not too easy for us to be committed and perseverated to the task. But, our group members had a good level of enthusiasm and we were able to conduct the whole event in a peaceful and subtle manner.

LO5 Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively

The main skills which I learned were leadership and teamwork skills. Being the leader of the group it was my task to assign people the correct job and check whether they were doing it properly or not. I think it was a very good decision of working collaboratively because the work got distributed among ourselves and the other members didn’t have to face workload, so it helped us a lot!

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