CAS strands covered- Creativity, Activity

This term, I’ve resumed my yoga practise. I’m interested to see whether I can stick with it this time. I’ll make a stronger effort to keep going and to improve myself. I am pleased with this now that I have experienced a new style of yoga, and I have more of my friends around me, which I believe stimulates me and makes the overall experience more enjoyable. I think I’ll like it more this year since there will be more tension, and it will be a way for me to de-stress. I’m excited to increase my flexibility and strength! When extending the back of my legs, I aim to be able to connect my forehead to my knees at the end of this workout.I also hope to improve my balance and knowledge of Yoga. 

LO3: I decided to develop a weekly timetable for myself because there is so much to do in yoga. On Mondays, I used to perform some basic stretching and body opening. Backward bending on Tuesdays, forward bending on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and core workout on Fridays.

LO5: My personal aim of connecting with the local community, meeting new people, and expanding my network of contacts was also accomplished. I was able to achieve my goal of assisting people in relaxing and reducing stress, which I am grateful for. I also accomplished my aim of attempting new activities, and this is one that I truly enjoyed.

LO7: Choosing this experience made me more conscious of my body and mind. It piqued my interest in the body’s aspects and how they are affected by yoga and meditation. In addition, I began to reflect on our way of life and the virtues we gain from traditional experiences, which are tragically disappearing in the hustle and bustle of city life. It made me wonder to what extent it was ethical of me to ignore my body’s needs merely because they required effort. Overall, this experience has motivated me to pay more attention to my fitness, as well as made me more aware of my own ignorance.


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