CAS Strand: Creativity

My mother decided to start a new pastime of gardening at the end of quarantine last year, and she brought home a variety of plants and flower seeds, tools, a watering can, and pots to establish a little garden on our balcony. I had never intended to take up such a pastime, but boredom overcame me one day, and I decided to assist her. This experience was really educational; I learned about a variety of plants and flowers, as well as how much effort it takes to preserve them.

LO5 : As previously said, my mom began this garden before I chose to assist her. I’d be lost and all my plants would have perished quickly if she hadn’t guided me and told me what to do. She always reminded me to water them at regular intervals and to keep an eye out for insects and birds. This exercise turned out to be a kind of bonding experience for the two of us, something we can undertake as a mother-daughter team.

LO7: I realised how close I had become to my plants as they grew. Following that, anytime I saw a child picking leaves from a plant, it saddened me to realise that people indiscriminately take away an important component of a living, breathing creature for their own selfish wants. I consider myself lucky to have experienced this as it has brought me closer to nature and taught me not to take it for granted.

LO3:Gardening requires meticulous planning and preparation before planting. Planting is a difficult process that needs extreme concentration and devotion. To begin, dig a hole that is exactly the correct size, neither too big or too tiny, gently place the sample in it, then fill it with water and sunshine.


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